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Google Surveys are the BOMB. I have never felt so organized with all of my information since using them! Now I have a survey to collect information from my hostesses immediately after they tell me they would like to book a party. 

1. I have easy access to their information anywhere and anytime

2. I can pull their information into excel and use for mailings, all kinds of things!

3. It looks professional. I just asked my hostess what she thought of it, and this was her response:

“I would feel like you had it all together. and that you were going to help me do this – instead of just showing up on the day of the event”

So here is my survey below. Very short and simple (you can view the link to the actual survey below):

1. name

2. email

3. cell phone

4. address

5. do you want me to set up a FB party event for you


Google Forms~create your surveys for FREE. It’s so easy!

Here’s my message to my hostess below:

I cannot wait to get you started! I’m going to have you fill out this quick information sheet so i can get you all set up!

And OH MY GOSH…just learned that you can COPY this survey in a hot second! Watch this one minute video. And I accept cookies as thank you:)

Did you know all you have to do is COPY a google survey?! My guest lists are going to be a CINCH! even though they already are, it just made life so easy!!


Melissa FIetsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Create a Survey for your Direct Sales Customers, Google Forms rocks!

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Surveys are SO much fun! I have created surveys for my team and my customers for a few years now. And I always have great success with them.

So WHY would you want to create a survey?

You can reach a ton of people this way

You can ask all the right questions

You can get everyone’s updated email and address

You can ask your booking and recruiting questions

You can ask specific questions targeted to something you’re working on

My latest survey was made for my new Birthday Club:

I asked:


2. Birthday month

3. Email address

4. ever thought about doing a catalog show

5. What month would you like to do that (with 3 months to choose from)

6. ever thought about doing a home show

7. What month would you like to do that (with 3 months to choose from)

8. ever thought about doing a fundraiser

9. ever thought about becoming a consultant

Now, I have used for probably 3 years. I recently tried Google  Forms and I think I may be making the switch. I have had a couple people send it my way in the last couple years. Meaghean Farrington sent it my way about a year ago. And then Missy Nelson sent it my way just recently. So, when  I had a second, I decided to play with the Google Forms.

Here is what I like about Google Forms vs. Survey Monkey:

~Google Forms does not have a cut off # for responses. Survey monkey cuts you off at 100 responses before you have to PAY to view them

~Google Forms allows you to view the responses right from your screen in some kind of excel looking document (I’m no expert, that description is as expert as it gets. lo!)

~Google Forms has a much “cleaner” feel to it. The survey just looks nicer in my opinion

Would you like a video on how to create a Google Form? Here you go!

In Direct sales, it’s so important to always keep things fresh for your customers. A survey can help you do that. You want to know what they’re THINKING!  You can ask them the booking and recruiting questions in a “non-threatening” way. You could also ask them a question about something you were working on (party themes is one I’ve done).  So check out this quick tutorial on how to set up your own survey:

Here is the link to create your own Google Form:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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