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Power Hours for your Direct Sales Business

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So many people sign up for Direct Sales with the assumption that they won’t really have to work.

If you’re in this for a hobby, that is an absolute truth: you really don’t have to work at it.

If you’re in this to make an income or achieve a financial goal: you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You can’t expect to make a substantial difference in your finances if you’re not willing to put in the work to get it.

Using Power Hours can help you run your business in 20 minutes a day.

If you’re not willing to work 20 focused minutes a week, in certain areas of your business, then quite frankly-you don’t DESERVE that paycheck you’re complaining about NOT GETTING!

People ask me ALL THE TIME…how do you do it. I’m sorry to inform you, there is no secret. It’s hard work. That’s it.

Tried and true, get up and get to work every single day. The RENT IS DUE EVERY SINGLE DAY. You want to make money in this business, PUT IN THE WORK. People seem to want the benefits without the commitment. You can’t have one or the other. You get exactly what you put into this business. Plain and simple. I don’t do magic tricks. I don’t do anything YOU can’t do. I don’t skate by on my good looks and charm, trust me, I live 90% of my life covered in babies bodily fluids and food. You just have to get to work.


Take 20 minutes a day. Dedicate 20 minutes to ONE of 5 focused tasks per day.

  1. Booking
  2. Customer Service
  3. Recruiting
  4. Marketing
  5. Hostess Coaching

Monday Booking:

Spend 20 minutes working on booking parties. Whether these are Facebook parties or home shows, you still have to ASK. Spend this 20 minutes:

~personally reaching out to people

~creating a game or graphic to book

~do a FB live talking about the hostess special

~contact PAST hostesses from the previous years

~make hostess packets and post a picture on social media-and make them COOL so everyone wants one!

There’s a million things you could do.


Tuesday Customer Service:

Spend 20 minutes creating a buzz.

~send a thank you email to anyone who has ordered in the last week

~contact each person who ordered the previous month and make sure they’re happy with their product (and have you seen the new specials?)

~contact anyone who has open orders and make sure they knew about the customer specials if they didn’t order one

~go comment on all your open parties and start some conversations with the guests

~scroll through Facebook and actually interact with your customers on THEIR pages


Wednesday Recruiting:

~touch base with all your new consultants within the last 3 months

~reach out to any potential consultants

~don’t have any potential consultants? create an opportunity event and GET ONE!

~put some pins on Pinterest about joining

~create a youtube video or FB live about joining…then share into all your FB parties!


Thursday Marketing:

This is all social media to me. Sharing my love of my product on all the different social media sites. And because I love it, this isn’t even work. This is my play time!

~schedule some tweets in Cinchshare

~pin some things from your Cinchshare history onto Pinterest

~schedule some Instagram posts onto Twitter/FB business page

~go post your social media links in all your parties

~create a contest on a social media channel and direct all your customers to it

~create a newsletter to email your customers


Friday Hostess Coaching:

Spend 20 minutes contacting every hostess.

~ask them if they need any extra order forms or catalogs

~tell them what their total is for online orders so far

~give them a task to do that day: post this, tag 3 friends on some posts in your party, or text this to 3 people today

~tell them how much farther they are from the next level and TELL THEM HOW TO GET THERE!


This is just a small breakdown of a HUGE list you should already have! 20 minutes a day. If I can do it, YOU can do it!

Melissa Fietsam

Cold Calls and Booking Blitzes for Direct Sales

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Don’t like cold calls? Neither do I! And in my business, they’re a thing of the past. Take a peek and see what I do when I need to drum up some new lines of communication and business!

I shared this with my team today:

Are you ladies ready to start booking for January? You have officially been challenged to try this. Who’s in? You have NOTHING to lose by committing to make customer contacts EACH and EVERY DAY!

Don’t like “cold calls”??? I have a plan for you!! This gives you a REASON to call!!

Go through all your old order forms. Find ones with addresses and phone numbers. On Monday….send 5-15 mini catalogs with a printed piece of paper that reads:

Just stopping in to say hello! I’ve missed you and wanted to send you this great offer just to say I appreciate your time and your business: This month only…take $5 off your purchase of $31 or more….or get (hostess special) just for booking your own catalog or home show! The special next month is (insert customer special)!

Then the NEXT Monday…you call 3 people each day and say:

“Just calling to see if you got my catalog in the mail! I wanted to make sure you got it and see if I could interest you in booking a catalog party to earn some things for yourself! “

If she says no, I don’t have any time….you say….”you can always just do a catalog party! I can get you a few products to carry around and you can collect some orders from your family and friends and still earn all the hostess benefits. It’s great to do on the go!”

If she still says no….say…”no problem! I totally understand. How about I contact you in a few months and see if things have slowed down for you!”
Set up folders for the 12 months. If she says call me in 3 months, write her name down on a sheet of paper in that month’s folder so you remember to call her again! Remember, they’re not saying NO to YOU…just to what you’re offering that day. They might say yes the next time!! Keep track of who you call each month and I wouldn’t suggest calling the same person in twice in a 4 month period unless they ask you to!


The other way you can make 3 contact calls a day is to make customer care calls. So if you have a party…call the customers one week after they get their orders and ask if everything was okay? Just calling to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your product. Were you interested in more information about hosting your own party and earning some free items?

This will give you a CONSTANT flow of customers to be speaking with on a daily basis. It is so important that you’re keeping in touch with old customers and making new ones, DAILY! If you work your business, your business will work for you!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Car decal for your direct sales business?

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Do you have a car decal for your direct sales business?

car decal

YOU SHOULD! You take your car everywhere! 

You leave it in a parking lot full of people walking and driving by. You’re advertising for yourself when you’re not even in it!

You’re losing out big time if you’re not doing this.

Watch this 2 minute video to see what happened to me yesterday with MY car decal!

Here’s a picture of mine:

car decal1

And I got my car decal from someone on Facebook. You can search for Vinyl Designs by Christy…I think that’s who it was! If not, you can find any local embroidery shop who probably can do this for you, or knows someone who can! These are NOT expensive. There is really no excuse to not have one of these on your car!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts







Celebration Tables for Direct Sales Consultants

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So the idea is you set up a table at a local store, you hand out “awareness” stickers…I talk about Breast Cancer awareness stickers in this video, and you do a give a way with your direct sales product in order to get new leads.

Watch this 4 minute video explaining:

If you’re not consistently gaining new leads, your business will eventually hit a brick wall! This is a way you can:

1. meet new people

2. build relationships with local business owners

3. build relationships with the employees at these stores

4. and get your name out in the community

How in the WORLD could you NOT do this?? Right??

And the best part about it….it’s CHEAP!! Do a give away with a retired product you have in stock. Grab some brochures or awareness stickers for super cheap, and GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE!!



The website I got the stickers from is:


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts








Marketing 101: Direct Sales

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If you’re not marketing your business to people…

someone else is marketing THEIRS to them!



Marketing is the name of the game.  You cannot sustain your business without it.

What happens when someone starts a business in Direct Sales? They are excited and booking parties form their family and friends and then 5 months later…they say “this business just isn’t for me. I can’t get anyone to book a party”.

It’s because they’ve run out of family and friends. So what comes next? How do you hold onto that excitement and gain new contacts on a consistent basis?


Marketing is not something you can do ONE time and think it’s going to pay off big! You have to market your business on a consistent basis. Everything you have to do has to be PURPOSEFUL. And then, and only then, will you start to see consistent results!

Here are just a few fun ways to market your business. What do YOU do that sets you apart from every other consultant out there?

1.  Pictures are amazing – people do not throw away things with a photo on them: put your photo on your business cards and your catalog labels. Let people who don’t know you…get a glimpse of you so they associate your business with a REAL person

2.  Networking Groups – usually a local group of entrepreneurs, home based businesses

Look for a FB group in your community

Introduce yourself

Join the local mom’s group

3. Facebook post: Who wants to be AMBUSHED? In two weeks, I will be celebrating THREE local businesses by showering them with Thirty-One products! Want a chance to be picked? Post the name of your business, the address, and the number of people in your department. Winners will be picked on Friday!

4. Call your local Middle School, ask to set up a charity event to give all money to a local charity, or you could donate to PTO. Do a yard sale and vendor event. This gets the parents of the children at the school involved TOO!! Charge $10 a booth and donate all that money to your charity or PTO. The school could send home the invites for the parents! I’m going to Ridgeway Elementary on Monday…so any other school is FAIR GAME for all of you! Who can you contact???? What a great way to get your name out there to LOTS of people!!!!

5. What if you picked one daycare a week, asked to set up an organizing utility tote with “wanna 31 with me?” on it. And put envelopes together with a catalog, booking flier, recruiting flier in it and had them pass them out to all the moms that week. Think about how many contacts you could make! You could also tie a pen to your bag and hole punch the door prize slips and leave a lil fish bowl for them to leave their info for a free prize drawing. more contacts for your TTT too!

6. Market yourself when you are out in public for ANYTHING by carrying products – embroidery is key

isell 31                                   make $$$ sell 31                               luvin’ me some 31

ask me about 31               flippin love 31                                    blessed by 31

luv my 31 biz                      got 31?

7. USE your product everywhere you go! Have a bag embroidered with something catchy about your business so that people will ASK you about it! And carry your information everywhere you go so you can pass it out to everyone you meet!

8. Wear your company t-shirts

9. Put this as your vacation response in your email options and put that you will be on vacation for about 3 years. This way, every time someone emails you, they get this in response and directed to your website!
Thank you so much for your interest in Thirty-One Gifts. I will return your email within 24 to 48 hours.
In the meantime please check out my website
3 great ways to enjoy the Thirty-One products…
1. Order on my website!

2. Host a party and get FREE products!

3. Become a consultant, and build a dream!

10. create a private FB age and add all your friends and family to it. Interact at LEAST weekly on there to keep people’s interests. You can post monthly specials and booking and recruiting incentives. But remember, you can’t add someone to a group without their permission! Not very professional at all, so don’t make that mistake!


Every Monday, I’ll post 10 more marketing tips!!

What are YOUR favorite marketing tips?