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Download your Contacts Today

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When was the last time you backed up the most important asset you own in your business, your contacts?

So many consultants have a little too much faith in their umbrella company sometimes.

Today, I’d like to challenge you to take control of this one BIG DEAL.

Why do you want to download your contacts?

Because you’re smart. Let’s start there.

Because you worked hard for those contacts.

You never know what kind of glitch could wipe out even a portion of your contacts because of some IT department error. If you lose your contacts, it’s not their fault anymore, it’s yours. Cause you were told to back them up! There’s so much data in my company’s back office. If it crashed today, or if my company shut the doors today, this is ONE THING I know I will have. And I can prepare and rebuild instantly.

Can you?

Make a folder

Make a folder for each month. Mine this month is titled January 2019. Clever, I know…

But guess what? I put everything that pertains to January in that folder:

  • scripts
  • special
  • graphics
  • holiday stuff
  • team reports

Now when I go back, I can see every January. I’m not starting from scratch.

Well, an excel file of my current month’s contacts list is now part of that folder. I’ve been saving content for 6 years, but I’ve neglected the most important part of my business, my contacts. So I wanted to make sure you’re on the right track too.

Melissa Fietsam @DierctlySocial

Lead Boxes! Do you have one for your Direct Sales Business?

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I am truly impressed with the Lead Boxes I ordered from Box Full of Leads. Not only was it easy to put together, easy to pass out, and affordable…but they have outstanding customer service! 

I actually started working with one of their lead guys to come up with something that suited our company much better. In other words….they didn’t have anything PINK. LOL! And that’s a crime in my book! So, Eric (at Box Full of Leads) had some new things designed JUST for Thirty-One! How fun is that??!! And they even made the product codes 31…now that’s customer service!

So check out the cool new labels!

31 Gifts Blank Box proof (2) lead box label

AND…they are going to have the one label to the right that is able to be personalized! Or you can buy the blank one and attach a label.

If that wasn’t enough customer service, I let them know the drawing slips they had, really just didn’t fit out “personality”. So we came up with something that would work MUCH better for Thirty-One and direct sales in general!!

I am SO excited about these new drawing slips that fit onto the lead boxes. Perfect for our Thirty-One business. Eric and I worked on these together!:


And here is the kit you can order:


You should go visit their FB page and like’m!


And who doesn’t love a discount? Visit and like their FB page and then type in Facebook Discount at checkout for 10% off your entire order!


If you would like to view the original post where I talked about what I’m doing with these lead boxes, you can view that here:


Hope you all have a fantastic day!! I have some brand new FUN stickers coming very soon! I’ve gone sticker crazy! I’ve seen a huge increase in my home party invitations from these stickers. And actually asked my last home party what they thought of the invitations. So I’m all about the stickers now!


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts









Celebration Tables for Direct Sales Consultants

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So the idea is you set up a table at a local store, you hand out “awareness” stickers…I talk about Breast Cancer awareness stickers in this video, and you do a give a way with your direct sales product in order to get new leads.

Watch this 4 minute video explaining:

If you’re not consistently gaining new leads, your business will eventually hit a brick wall! This is a way you can:

1. meet new people

2. build relationships with local business owners

3. build relationships with the employees at these stores

4. and get your name out in the community

How in the WORLD could you NOT do this?? Right??

And the best part about it….it’s CHEAP!! Do a give away with a retired product you have in stock. Grab some brochures or awareness stickers for super cheap, and GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE!!



The website I got the stickers from is:



Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts