Do You Have Business Insurance?

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So … you know how I have mentioned my business BFF, Melanie Moore, a few times here on the blog? Well, she has been after me to blog about this topic for a long time because she believes it is a resource that every direct seller needs, whether you have been in the business 10 days or 10 years. I will be honest, I kept pushing back on her about writing about this because it is totally out of my norm for this blog, it is something I am not an expert in, and truthfully it is a little depressing talking about insurance and accidents … but here comes a #truthbomb – “sometimes bad stuff happens to good people”! I want nothing more than to share an awesome resource that could help you should any of that bad stuff happen to you, something that will protect the well-being of your family & your personal family finances!

So here we are, I am going to do it!
We are going to talk about getting BUSINESS INSURANCE for your direct sales business!
YES, such a thing does exist!
YES, you can get it quickly and easily!
YES, you need it!

Why You Need Business Insurance:

Times have changed, my friends, and if you do not have insurance coverage for your business, you should! You are entering people’s private homes, what if you knock over the Hostess’s prize possession with your bag? Or you are carrying-pulling-dragging products, tables, garment racks, and shelving units into vendor events, what if you take out another vendor’s table or worse, hit a child with one of your poles as you blindly walk in carrying more than you should because you are trying to minimize your trips in and out to the car? And with the Spring vendor event season upon us, I have noticed more and more venues requiring “proof of insurance” in order to participate. Do you have proof of insurance for your business? Most home owner’s policies DO NOT cover your business.

I know, I get it, “but that would never happen to me”. But that’s just it, it DOES happen to people like us every day. You need to think proactively for your business and be prepared for the “what if”, just like you do for your home, your health and your cars. Insurance exists to cover the unknown and the accidents.


Getting Quotes:

I am sure you can connect with your own local insurance provider and get quotes, but I went with an insurance company that was referred to me. Just so you know, I do not get any kick backs for this, I just want to provide you with information and a valuable resource that I have found to get you & your family protected!

This insurance company specifically caters to direct sellers and understands our language, that is what I like about them. For only $75 a year, you get $2 million in general liability insurance for your business (including property and bodily injury), plus $3,000 for property coverage (including products and samples). I have looked into other options and for me, this is the best deal.


Printable Insurance Certificates for Events:

But here is what I love the most about this company, the printable event insurance certificates! I can download and print them myself anytime I need to provide them for an event (I just bring it with me to each event). Other companies require you to request a certificate and then you wait until they send it, some charge you extra to print a certificate, but with this company, I can just go print it on my own whenever I need it. They have been a Direct Sales Association Supplier for 27 years, which is quite impressive. And I know that they offer health insurance for Independent Contractors too, but I have not looked into that yet myself, you can check it out on their website.

When you apply for coverage from them, you will have to choose your company from the dropdown menu, they cover A LOT of companies, but not every company out there. A quote from their FAQ page says, “Because we must look at the nature of the product being sold, we must qualify all direct selling companies. When you enroll you need to select from the approved list of companies the one you represent. If your company does not show up on our list then our insurance carrier has not approved issuing a policy to cover your activities on their behalf. We cannot write policies unless your company is on the approved list of companies. Remember coverage will only be for you as a sale representative for the company you register for as an authorized representative.”


Do Your Own Research:

I invite you to check out getting insurance specifically for your business, the truth is …. when you are working with tons of people, taking credits cards and cash, carrying things in and out of locations … you just never know what is going to happen. I am not claiming to know everything about everything when it comes to business insurance, but I can tell you for certain that for $75 a year, it gives me enormous peace of mind that my family is protected from loss. You will need to do your own due diligence and research what is best for your family.

Here is the company we are referring to in this article:




Weekly Customer Group Theme for Facebook

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Recently I started to do a weekly theme in my customer group.

So I’m going to walk you through what i do!

Why have a weekly theme?

Because #1, you shouldn’t be selling all the time in your customer group. In fact, I rarely post selling things in my customer group at all anymore. If people are in your group, THEY KNOW YOU SELL YOUR PRODUCT! A group is a place where people meet that have common interests. And a group is a place to get to know your customers on a more intimate level. So STOP selling to them all the time in there!

If you have a selling post, post it onto your Facebook business page and then share it into your customer group. That’s what business pages are for, selling!

Let’s break down my theme days:

Monday: All week/month long, save funny stuff you see on Facebook or Instagram. Like fall out of your chair funny. And then go into Cinchshare and schedule those for Mondays for the whole month! We’re talking 4 Mondays a month, typically-do not message me and tell me some months have 5 Mondays or my D personality will roar LOL!

Tuesday: post an engagement post in your customer group. This is the best way to increase interaction and get to know your customers! Women are compelled to give their opinion!! If you ever want mine, just ask! 😉 And here’s an album from Cinchshare to help you get started if you need some engagement posts: CINCHSHARE ALBUM

Wednesday: This is where I create Pinterest boards and inform them of the holidays. So the first Wednesday I tell them about the holidays coming up for the next month and a half. So right now they know April Fool’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Simply keeping them informed. Then I make Pinterest boards and post around those themes. So I’ll have a practical jokes for your family board on Pinterest. I’ll have a Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and/or crafts board, and an Easter crafts and maybe ideas for toys for Easter basket. Things like that! Connecting them to my Pinterest and spending time with them there. And being USEFUL! Here’s an example of a Pinterest board of mine for April Fool’s Day Pranks: Melissa’s Board

Thursday: So I use this day for inspirational things and Life Hack type things. Kid President and Ted Talks are great ones. Think “woman on fire”, get them motivated

Friday: this is where I take a product of mine and do a Friday Product Spotlight. Make sure you’re not selling. You’re teaching them why they need this in their life. Take a product you have, take a great photo, watermark it, and then share it with a link to the exact product if they’re interested in learning more. I also do a weekly giveaway. I give them a task and anyone who does that gets entered in to win. For instance, today it will be, share this group with one person you know that would love to join. Ask them if it’s ok to add them and then post done below when you get them added! They also participated in a booking for next month this week. So those who booked also got a ticket for today’s drawing.

Saturday and Sunday I try and do personal photos of me and my family. Letting them get to know me as a person.

So there you have it! Create some interaction, learning, and FUN in your customer groups on Facebook.

How do you keep up?

The first week of the month, I go into Cinchshare and schedule all Mondays…on the first Monday. We’re talking 4 Mondays for the month. Takes me less than 5 minutes to schedule the whole month. On Tuesday, I’ll go in and schedule all Tuesdays for that month. And so on…

So it takes me 5 minutes a day to schedule all these in the first week of every month. BAM! Done!

If you’re ready to take on Cinchshare, you can check it out and try it for FREE for 37 days using promo code : CINCHFREE

I make nothing from that code! I share because I CARE about you and I want you to run your business, not have your business run YOU!

Happy sharing!

Melissa Fietsam

Making Connections at Your Thirty-One Home Shows

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Making a connection with your customers at the home show can make or break MANY things!

I want to show you really quickly how to increase sales, bookings, and even recruiting at your Thirty-One home parties. Take a look at this quick video:

So there you go! How EASY is that?

Take these little hand sanitizers, I got mine in a 3 pack at the Dollar Tree:

picture url

You slap a business address label on the back and now you’re giving each guest something they will NOT throw away that has your contact information on it.

By asking them these three questions:

  1. How do you know the hostess

2. What’s your occupation

3. and…do you have any kids

You’re making a CONNECTION. You’re making a connection that will help you:

  1. be able to SERVE her
    • If she’s a nurse, what bag would be GREAT for her?
  2. help you with having a conversation with you
    • Maybe you find a common thread. I used to be a nurse. Where do you work? Oh really, do you know so and so…
  3. help YOU to remember her
    • when you START with a conversation, you connect the dots. You’ll remember who she is
  4. find some common ground to even START a conversation with her
    • You said your son is in baseball…so is mine!
  5. figure out a conversation starter for a booking
    • So…you just moved into a new house? You would probably love to host a party, show off the new house, and get some great new organizing products for FREE for your new house. Or…baseball is SO expensive. Have you ever thought about doing a fundraiser?

Make it a point to TRY this at your next home show. And don’t forget to introduce YOURSELF the same way they do. So THEY make a connection to YOU!

Happy Partying ladies!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Thirty-One Home Party Idea

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I’m going to use this at my home shows to show off the Oh Snap Pockets and Bins!

I really don’t think people buy them as much as they would if they could SEE them in action! So we’re going to make it happen.

And then we’re going to try and increase sales by showing them my favorite products in use with the MAGNETS on the board!

I took a magnetic board. $7 at Walmart.
I took a magnetic curtain rod. $7 at Walmart.

I took a sticky magnet page and photo sleeve magnets and printed a few of my FAVORITE ways to use our product! Now I don’t just TALK about, they get to SEE! And I can actually take the magnets off and pass them around if I’m talking about it!

But that’s not even the coolest PART!!

When I’m ready to talk about oh snap pockets and bins, I just snap the magnetic curtain rod on!!! BAM! I think by them SEEING how the pockets and bins work, and seeing my favorite uses at the party…ill be able to make a bigger impact on why they NEED it!!
I’ll be using at my home shows all month and let you know how it goes!!


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Don’t Be So Boring in 2016!

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My customer page used to simply EXIST. I rarely post, didn’t have that many customers in there, it just kind of sat there. And when I did post…a whole lot of these followed…


Then I started being CONSISTENT. It all started with a goal I made in December of 2014. My goal was to make my customer Facebook page WORK. Not only to make it work, but to make it FUN!

So here is what I did:

1. I made a goal to increase the # of people in my group.

And I doubled my group this year. And I don’t just add people. NEVER just add people. You want THEM to request to be added.

A) I used things like the cutest pet contest and the cutest baby contest.

fb1 1

B) I also did things like this where people won prizes for adding their friends:


C) I also posted my LINK to my customer page in every single FB party I did the whole year.


D) I also just recently started posting the link to my group in my monthly customer email.

So those are just some fun ways to increase your #’s in your customer group.

2. I also wanted to increase the interaction!

I started being consistent with giveaways and posting. Why would my customers be active if I wasn’t?! So I started posting at least once a day, if not more. And what do ya know? I have a lot more interaction.

I’ve gotten bookings, recruits, and sales. It was AMAZING to watch what unfolded in my Facebook customer group over this last year. And all I had to do was SHOW UP:)

3. I wanted to be USEFUL!

My friend Linda Lollo stressed the importance to me last year… about making your page USEFUL. Make it INTERESTING. Make them WANT to read your posts. Make it THE place to be.

My customers don’t just get slammed with posts about purses. I’m not ONLY about purses; and neither are my customers. So why not be a little more versatile. Kind of like being MYSELF!

So I started posting:



~useful tips on everything from holidays to crafts to kid tips…you name it, I posted it!

They got to know ME this year. And it worked. Here’s an example of something I posted today:

This would be something great to start with the kids!

So there’s a few things I did. I really hope this helps you to think about a new direction for your customer group. I’ve gained so many friends, new hostesses, and sales from my Facebook Customer Page. It’s so worth it if you put the time into it and you simply be YOU. Don’t SELL to them. Just be useful and show them WHY they need your product. Show them PICTURES of product in use. Not just stock photos. That’s B-O-R-I-N-G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spice it up and have some fun in 2016!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Thirty-One Football Fundraiser

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I love doing Thirty-One fundraisers!! This month, we did a Middletown Middies 5th grade football fundraiser and they raised over $600 in COLD HARD CASH to pay for equipment and jerseys!


How did we do it?

Each parent took home a hostess packet and they collected orders for 2 weeks. SO EASY.

Does your team organization need some quick cash? Thirty-One can help you do it!

We can do ANY type of fundraiser:

~ Church group fundraisers

~Bowling team fundraisers

~ Volleyball team fundraisers

~ Baseball team fundraisers

~ Softball team fundraisers

~ Choir group fundraisers

~ Basketball team fundraisers

~ Football team fundraisers

~ School trip fundraisers

~ In Vitro fundraisers

~ Adoption fundraisers

~ Fundraisers to pay for medical bills

~ Band fundraisers

…you name it, we can do it!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Facebook Page for Direct Sales Consultants

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This is for all my Direct Sales friends!

Melanie Moore and I started a Facebook group for ALL direct sellers.

We will have monthly training webinars and podcasts and you’ll be able to get ideas from ALL direct sellers. So go check out the description of the group, you MUST read first! And go join us for some fun and learning with a BIGGER community! Let’s see if we can learn something new from others!


Here is the group description:

Welcome to DS-Synergy! So what’s this group all about?

This group is for Direct Sellers of ALL companies.

Lurker’s Beware:
this page is an interactive community. If you are just hanging around to suck ideas out of people who are sharing, you will be deleted periodically. We got “people”, so we have ways of seeing who is not participating. We want to LEARN from each other. And in order to do that you must share.

This is a place where you will find:

~Weekly focused points…and launch pad for sharing
~Monthly training webinars and podcasts
~Sharing of ideas from all direct sales companies so we can work together to improve our businesses
~A community of people who believe in EMPOWERING each other and an environment free of COMPETITION

This is NOT a place for:
~Or any NEGATIVE posts

**any of the above will be deleted and you will be locked from the page immediately, with no further consideration to rejoin. So don’t be that guy!

Welcome to a new generation of sharing and empowerment!!

And share this post!! 🙂

Click here to request to be added:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Survey for your Direct Sales Party Hostess

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Shared with my team:

Google Surveys are the BOMB. I have never felt so organized with all of my information since using them! Now I have a survey to collect information from my hostesses immediately after they tell me they would like to book a party. 

1. I have easy access to their information anywhere and anytime

2. I can pull their information into excel and use for mailings, all kinds of things!

3. It looks professional. I just asked my hostess what she thought of it, and this was her response:

“I would feel like you had it all together. and that you were going to help me do this – instead of just showing up on the day of the event”

So here is my survey below. Very short and simple (you can view the link to the actual survey below):

1. name

2. email

3. cell phone

4. address

5. do you want me to set up a FB party event for you


Google Forms~create your surveys for FREE. It’s so easy!

Here’s my message to my hostess below:

I cannot wait to get you started! I’m going to have you fill out this quick information sheet so i can get you all set up!

And OH MY GOSH…just learned that you can COPY this survey in a hot second! Watch this one minute video. And I accept cookies as thank you:)

Did you know all you have to do is COPY a google survey?! My guest lists are going to be a CINCH! even though they already are, it just made life so easy!!


Melissa FIetsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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