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Guest Post – “Dollar Days” Training Idea

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So while I was in Disney World countdown here at my house I felt like I had to get everything that ever needed done… finished before we left, do you ever feel like that?

Like projects I have been keeping on the back burner for months, all the sudden I feel the urgency to complete them ALLLLL before I leave on vacation for a few days, why do we do that to ourselves? LOL!

So, my friend Melanie Moore (you probably know her from CinchShare) and I had breakfast recently and she was telling me about this thing she does every year with her networking group and I asked her to share it here (and now I can go finish up some of those million projects I thought I needed to get finished before I left!).

From Melanie:

“Every summer with my Direct Sales networking group we host something called our Dollar Days training! The concept is super simple and we look forward to this meeting every summer.

Basically everyone goes to a local Dollar Store and purchases $5 worth of “stuff” they will use in their business for recruiting, incentives, happy mail gifts, recognition, hostesses, party or booth displays, etc. Items cannot cost more than $1 each and I always tell them to leave their purse in the car because I cannot be held responsible if their $5 trip turns into a $50 trip just because they cannot control themselves in the dollar store! 😉

Then at the meeting we go around one by one sharing what we brought and how we would use it in our business, the ideas are BRILLIANT!! It really gets you to think creatively about your business and how to be strategic about what you are spending.

We do our meetings face to face, but you could totally do this online via a zoom call or something with your team or fellow Consultants, everyone just comes to the call with their five $1 items. In face, this online version might be even more fun because we all know that different Dollar Stores have different things in them. The best thing about this activity is that it shows your Consultants that they can find great gifts and ideas without breaking the bank, “giving away the farm”, and spending a ton of their party or event profits, you just have to think outside of the box!

Here’s an entire board of HAPPY MAIL IDEAS from Melissa too: CLICK HERE

Some more examples from Dollar Days:

– Purchasing a few pairs of “reader” glasses for your home parties and booths so people can see the catalog, even if they forgot their own glasses.
– Acrylic picture frames for booth or display table
– 13oz or less items to send via Happy Mail
– Office supplies
– Bleach shirts (bleach + tshirt + stencil = new shirt!)

I will share some fun pics below from one of our Dollar Days meetings we did at a member’s house (potluck style) – try it out yourself, it will quickly become an annual thing for your team!


Melissa Fietsam & Melanie Moore


Smile Box- a New Tradition for a Better ME

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Smile Box. So simple. So powerful.



I’m so excited about this new way to be thankful, strengthen my relationships that matter to me, and brighten someone else’s day!

Check out this video to see how I’m going to mail one love letter a week for an entire year. And WHY! And then all the instructions and files to make your own are below!

It’s so important to be thankful and not lose touch:

I have to say, I’m a really sucky friend. I don’t keep in touch like I should. I think of them often, I love them like crazy, but I don’t call like I should, I forget birthday cards, and I just plain don’t do a very good job of SHOWING them how much I love them.

I was reading the book 212 Degrees yesterday, and it was talking about doing something helpful or unexpected for one friend a week. And that would bring 52 smiles to the world in a year.

So I decided I was going to write a List of 52. And then once a week I would tell them how important they are to me. That way, even if I’m a lousy friend and family member…I know that at least once a year, the most important people in the world to me will get a hand written note. Something that would mean more to ME…than any birthday card (I might/probably/will forget to send).

So I grabbed my envelopes and list and I got started! Now I’ve set it all up for YOU to make one too! You can print all the files below!



  1. A box
  2. Print these and stock card
  3. 52 envelopes
  4. 52 return address labels
  5. 52 stamps
  6. List of 52 loved ones


Here’s mine! Grab any box you can throw the 52 envelopes/cards into so you can randomly pick one each week. I’m leaving the smiles in God’s hands to let me choose who needs it the most! But I do have 2 I’m starting with this week and next. Of course, I used our Thirty-One your way rectangle cause it was just a perfect for what I needed with this!



You can print this on card stock and cut out a little insert. That way they know WHY they’re getting a letter from you. And it tells them they made your list of 52. How great is THAT? Plus…maybe they’ll want to do the same thing and you can pass this along to THEM! These print 9 to a page.

Here’s your link to print those: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=72185D5634F2046!905&authkey=!ANQXvsL1F8VKP_c&ithint=file%2cpdf

9 7


It’s very important to get all this set up AHEAD of time. So all 52 envelopes addressed, return address label, sticker on the back, and Smile Box insert inside the envelope. That way, all you’re doing is picking an envelope and writing a short note, and drop in the mailbox!

I get a box of blank cards at Michael’s Craft Store for $5. Super cheap!

If you don’t do all this ahead of time, you won’t DO IT!


Return Address Labels:

I print my own from home. It’s so much cheaper and saves so much time. I like these smaller ones because they last much longer. So go ahead and put your return address labels on there!

*My labels are Avery 5195



Once you get your envelopes done, go ahead and put your stamps on them. Literally, all you will need to do is right a quick note and throw it in the mailbox. EASY.


List of 52:

oh…this was the hardest. It actually took me a bit to come up with this list. I made this excel sheet because I really wanted to be able to print address labels. And I can do that easily with an excel document. But you can print this and just keep a hard copy of all those important addresses and hand write them too!

Who’s on my list?

I will tell you, my entire family was on here. Including my big kids:)

I have some people that I haven’t spoken to in way too long.

Some co-workers I love and adore.

Some friends I have lost touch with for many years.

And some people I need to step up and be more engaged with in my job. There’s a page and a half to make the 52.

You can print this file at: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=72185D5634F2046!904&authkey=!AKlX7XJoL-7CIpo&ithint=file%2cpdf


Smile Box sticker:

This is just something fun I wanted for the outside of the envelope. I wanted them to smile IMMEDIATELY once they looked at the envelope. Cause I know my friends and family…they’re going to worry something is wrong when they get a letter from me. LOL!


So there you go! Everything you need to make your own!


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Thirty One Hostess Happy Mail

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I LOVE Happy Mail! Check out these Halloween socks for my hostesses:)


I got these Halloween socks at Walmart for $1. Which you can find for literally every holiday! I create a label and then print those from avery.com for FREE onto 2×4 address labels. So easy and FUN!

My hostesses get happy mail for 2 months AFTER their party closes.

Why do I send this?

Because it’s 110% customer service. They will never forget it. It’s FUN. It makes them smile. And they love it!

How do I mail it?

I bought 5×7 self sealing clear bags from amazon.com for super cheap. I put them in the bag and mail it just like it is with address labels on the outside of the bag. SO EASY.

How much does it cost?

I never pay over $2.50 for mailing something funky and fun.

Want some more Happy Mail ideas?

Check out my Pinterest Happy Mail board. I mail stuff every single month. So there’s tons of ideas on there!


Want the label I made for the socks? Here ya go!


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Hostess Happy Mail for my Thirty-One Hostesses!

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Happy Mail is one of my FAVORITE parts of celebrating my hostesses. So I just wanted to give everyone an example of some of the things I do.

Here is mine for this month and next month:

1 2

Watch this quick video for an explanation:


When I have a hostess, I send happy mail for two months AFTER their party month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Everything I get, I get from the Dollar Tree. Super easy, super fun!

I make fun labels through picmonkey.com.

And then I print those labels from avery.com.

All items I ship are mailed “as-is”. I never package anything. It’s fun get something FUN in the mail!

Most items cost around $2 to ship.

The hostesses address label gets put right on the outside of whatever I’m mailing.

WHY do I do this?

Because I am giving 200% customer service.

I am showing MY hostesses that I appreciate them well after their party is over.

Because they LOVE IT.

Because they brag to their friends about it.

Because they post pictures of their happy mail on Facebook and Instagram! And guess who that helps? It lets everyone know THEY know an awesome and highly recommended Thirty-One consultant.

Because if they host a party with another company and consultant, they will be like WOW…Melissa was WAY better!

Because it keeps them coming back for MORE;)


And if you’re interested in joining that Facebook page I told you about in the video called DS-Synergy…here’s the link!!



Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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