Halloween Coloring Contest for Some Fun Marketing!

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How about a Halloween coloring contest to show some love in your customer groups!

Check out what you can do in your customer groups and I’ll post links to the coloring pages in this post when I’m done! You can find the printables below so you can do the same thing!


Here is the link to the ADULT coloring sheet:

Here is the link to the KIDS coloring sheet:

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Free Engagement Posts for the Entire Month of October!

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I’m giving away an entire month’s worth of posts EVERY MONTH!

FYI…these posts expire in two weeks! So you better grab them quick!

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So I’m going to share some posts with YOU.

You can schedule an entire month’s worth of posts for October in your customer groups!

The days are themed for:

  • Monday Giggles
  • Tuesday Engagement Posts
  • Wednesday Recipes
  • Thursday Holiday Fun
  • Friday: FREE DAY! You should be posting a product spotlight on something you have. Take a personal video (3 minutes or less) or photo and show how YOU use something you sell

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Fun Thirty-One Party Halloween Game

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Here’s a really fun game to play at your Thirty-One home shows!

I’ll post the details below! I did this at my last party, so you get to see it live and how much fun they have with it!

Pumpkin Drawing Game:

Here’s the details! I print this and take to my party to read right from the paper:

You’ll want to take a piece of paper for each person and make sure everyone has a PEN!

October Party Game

Have them close their eyes and give them a piece of paper and pen and tell them these steps:

  1. Draw a pumpkin in the center of your page
  2. Put some bats above the pumpkin
  3. Draw a moon in the upper left corner
  4. Oops! Please put eyes and a nose on your pumpkin
  5. Put a spider web in the lower right hand corner
  6. Did I ask you to put a stem on top of your pumpkin? Please do that now!
  7. Draw some bones below your pumpkin
  8. Draw a ghost on your paper
  9. Please draw a witches broom on the left of the pumpkin
  10. Oh yes please put a spider in that web
  11. And now…let’s draw a witches hat on TOP of your pumpkin’s head!

Points scored as follows:

3 points if your pumpkin is in the middle of the page

1 point for every bat

2 points if the moon is in the left corner

2 points for the nose and each eye that is on the pumpkin

2 points if the web is in the lower right corner

4 points for the stem on top of the pumpkin

1 point for each bone

2 points if you drew eyes on your ghost

2 points if the broom is to the left of the pumpkin

5 points if the spider is in the web

10 points if your witches hat is actually on top of your pumpkins head


Give a gift to the guest with the most points.

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Hosting a Thirty-One Party in October Just Got FUN!!

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I’m soooo excited about my new Halloween Thirty-One hostess packets!! My hostesses for October are getting a Halloween bag full of goodies along with their hostess packet!

And…they get to sell from a group of TEST PRODUCTS that only a select few consultants are able to sell!

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays and I’m SO excited about these holiday parties next month!!

We have a few Facebook parties, a couple home shows, some fundraisers, AND…a handful of Party To Go’s!

WOOHOO! for Thirty-One and Halloween!!!

October Thirty-One

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Thirty-One Halloween Cinch Sacs BOO Party for September!

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I shared this with my team and promised I would share here for everyone to use the wording! This is a great way to SQUEEEEEEZE one last September party in, and it’s leading up to the next two weeks of events I will be hosting. Don’t worry, I’ll share;)

So here’s the deal…watch this quick video for some extra tips and tricks:

What is it?

Sell 8 cinch sacs with embroidery and get a $200 party for yourself in September!! Create an event in your back office called BOO Bags. And get your ASK on!

Why in September?

Trust me. I’m setting us up for TWO big things the first 2 weeks of October. This is just the beginning and a way to get a head start on next weeks! Plus…I want that hostess blanket!!! And a paycheck on the 10th;) Plus…you’ll be able to order a cinch sac for FREE (with the hostess benefits from this party) to show off at your parties in October!

When is it due?

September 30th, get those orders in!! It’s important to give your customers the sense of urgency. “don’t want your favorite bag to sell out”.

Who do we ask?

EVERYONE! Post on Instagram, FB message your friends, post in your customer group, post the ones without prices on your main FB timeline, post on Pinterest, text your besties…make sure you’re asking all those moms and Grandmas too! You could also send an email to your customer base.

How can we increase those orders?

Show other ideas too. A) LUTs for Halloween storage decoration B) Littles carry alls for the little trick or treaters C) There are lots of ideas out there. Google “Thirty-One, Halloween” or search that on Pinterest. D) Do a drawing for anyone who shares the graphic and tags you.

POST THIS ((below)) IN YOUR CUSTOMER PAGE. TAKE A PICTURE AND UPLOAD TO COMMENTS HERE. ONE PERSON WILL WIN THE BOOK “BUILD IT BIG”. Let’s do this!!! Team Trendy knows how to make each month count!!! Strategic. Planning. I got you;)


Ok ladies!! Our SpOOky Cinch Sacs go quick in October! Sometimes we sell out of the Halloween colors and I don’t want my customers to miss them!! So I’m putting in an order ASAP!

Anyone who orders these is also getting an extra fun Halloween goody bag with their order. Post below, “BOO!” and I’ll get you hooked up! Order by September 30th and make sure your kids have the coolest treat bags on the block. Best thing is…they can use them EVERY YEAR!!


TEXT/FB MESSAGE: Hey Sally! I’m putting in an early order for Halloween bags because they’ve actually ran out of certain bags in the past. These are great because you can use them each year. I’m trying to get an order for 8 of them together…want to grab one before they’re gone?! We have ones for the little trick or treaters too:)

0 01 02 03

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Use Coloring Sheets for Your Direct Sales Business

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Coloring Sheets. Cheap. Fun. and EASY! Are you using them in your direct sales business?

coloring sheet


Coloring sheets are great for soooooooooo many things!

  • You can leave them at any offices where there might be children waiting
  • If you do vendor events, attract the kids to your booth! You entertain those kids, and mom will be forever grateful and probably sit at your booth a bit longer while the kids are ransacking your papers and crayons (thank you Melanie Moore for that fabulous tip).
  • Keep them in your purse with the crayon boxes. If you’re in a store or restaurant and see a mom with some really rowdy kids…hand her some. I’d be willing to bet that women will thank you and be willing to take a look at your catalog you hand her too:)
  • Halloween, or any holiday…run a contest on Facebook or your customer group for them to print, have their kids color, and upload the picture back to Facebook and tag you. FUN, RIGHT?
  • Pick out a school, or maybe just a class, and see if they would like to participate in a coloring contest. It’s all about building those relationships, right?
  • Here’s one for you…take them in your party kit. Got some rowdy kids at your party? Give them some crayons and a sheet to color:)

I found the coolest crayons. They come in 6 packs and you buy a big box (48 boxes) for super cheap at www.orientaltrading.com for $9! Check it out by clicking on the picture below. And you can also fit your business label on those boxes:


I would love to hear what else you can think of to do with coloring sheets all year long?

Think. Outside. Of. The. BOX!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Halloween Planning for Your Thirty-One Business

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Holiday planning for your direct sales business is not an option!

I already have a plan laid out for October, November, and December! And my Halloween bags just arrived this week. These are 12×17 bags with a handle. Just like regular trick-or-treat bags. Find out what I’m doing with them below!

You can find these bags at: http://www.orientaltrading.com/sweet-halloween-trick-or-treat-bags-a2-25_8728.fltr?prodCatId=551313+1237


I’ll be putting hostess packets in these bags and closing them up. I’ll be taking them to parties with me and letting them know there is a “mystery surprise” inside for anyone who books a party. The bags are just adorable and it’s FUN. You always have to be switching things up and keeping it fun!

Right now, you should be planning what you’re doing for Halloween, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Not only events and holidays, but also customer appreciation. And don’t forget giving back in your community!

You need to plan DATES. So once you figure out what you’re going to do, you need dates when everything starts and stops. Those dates are crucial to make sure you fit everything in!

And then…you thought I was done, hunh? You need to be training your team to do the same! Don’t have a team? Find some other direct sales consultants to meet for lunch and plan with you. It’s GREAT to get ideas from other people too!

Don’t know what to do? First time around the holidays with your direct sales business?

**GOOGLE! There’s tons of information out there

**Ask your upline, directors, other team members!!

**Search Youtube!! There is SO much great information on Youtube for direct sellers. This is one I made a year ago, but tons more will be coming this year:

So that simply gives you an idea that there are TONS of ideas out there. You just have to be willing to put the time into it! More than HALF of your business for the entire year will most likely be done in Oct/Nov/Dec. Are you ready for it?

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Quarterly Planning and Holiday Ideas for your #ThirtyOne Direct Sales Business

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Right now I’m working on some quarterly planning for my Thirty-One business this fall. I saw a really great idea from a Pampered Chef consultant about a “kids chef night”, something to that effect. So it got me thinking up some really great plans for this fall with my own Thirty-One business.

So the plan will be…

I’m going to rent a hall and invite my team to invite their own guests. One big P A R T Y!

1. Halloween Party:

$20 to attend. There are games and give a ways. And all consultants will contribute. The $20 covers the purchase of a cinch sac or littles carry all that they will decorate with glow in the dark markers/paint. Plus it covers some light snacks and just a fun family day. Kind of a “party with a purpose”.

fb happy halloween

2. Thanksgiving:

I’m thinking about Care Packages for soldiers. So maybe doing a military theme. They purchase a zipper pouch. I use my commission to buy supplies to fill them and send to the soldiers. They can have a station where they write letters to the soldiers too. And they will go down a line of goodies and fill their own bags for the soldiers.

turkey scales

3. Santa’s Workshop:

This one will be FUN! We will do an assortment of gift ideas. Might do $15 entry for each gift. They can purchase Littles Carry Alls, zipper pouches, etc. We will have stations set up to do other crafts/games, have Christmas music, and make some personal gifts for their family members with our own products.

Christmas $5 off   sharpie

So what’s the deal?

1. they pay a cover fee for the event, which is really just buying the product they’re going to use.

2. I use the commission to buy supplies in bulk and get them really cheap.

3. I have a fun day with all my consultants, my kids, and their kids.

4. I just use my business to be a positive PRESENCE in my customers lives.

5. AND…I put all the cover fees in as a party (cause I’m buying products). We will collect money for these parties well in advance so we have plenty of time to order them and have them in for the holidays.

It’s a WIN/WIN.

And I happen to know a school that might love to host this 🙂

Just wanted to plant some seeds in your head. The holiday time is quickly approaching. And if you’re not planning your Direct Sales business RIGHT NOW, for the fall…you will miss out on some great opportunities.

Start googling, start looking on Pinterest. Create some boards on Pinterest to gather ideas. You can have a lot of fun with this, increase your sales, increase your awareness in your own community that YOU are the go to lady, create an amazing team atmosphere, and just have some FUN with your business!

I know it’s JUNE…but you NEED to be planning your fall ladies!! At least get some boards created and ideas churning! More on quarterly planning in your Direct Sales business to come!



Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Coupons and Gift Certificates for Direct Sales Consultants

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This is the best coupon and gift certificate I’ve ever seen made!

A brand new team member of ours, Bridgett Edwards, is ROCKING the graphic design for us!! She sure landed on the right team, that’s for sure!! We’re so excited to have her brilliant designs behind our brilliant ideas. I cannot wait to see what we can come up with together!

So for gift certificates, Bridgett wanted to share this with everyone. Now how would you use these? Read below for some ideas and please share your own!

.discountcardsample (2)-page-0


How can you use these?

~Halloween Boo Bags (trick or treat bags)

~give a ways on your FB events (that way you’re not out anything if they don’t buy anything)

~give a ways at parties

~Just a way to reach out to customers who haven’t ordered in awhile

~I’m still thinking~

So what would you use them for?

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts







Halloween Decorations

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How are you keeping all of your Halloween decorations stored??

I plan on going to Hobby Lobby after Halloween this year and getting all the great deals after Halloween is over to stock up on some cool Halloween decorations!

And Thirty-One’s large utility tote is the BEST tote to store your decorations in! We even have a lid for them to keep them safe as they’re stored away all year.



Item #3121

Get yours today!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts