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Create a Google Form for your Hostess to Get Her Guest List to You!

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I’m trying something NEW and FUN for invitations to my direct sales party!

I created a virtual Guest list form for my hostesses. They can send this link to their friends and family via Facebook, text, or email to get their guest list filled out.

Why would this help me AND the hostess?

1. They have multiple avenues to send it to people

2. They don’t have to mail it back to me

3. I can post it in their Facebook event

4. I have contact information to add to my contact base

5. I have multiple ways to send invitations and reminders

6. And I always have her party’s contact information stored

Check out this “mock” survey I created so you can see what one looks like. DO NOT FILL OUT THE SURVEY!


I created this form in Google Forms. All you have to do is google….Google Forms, to create your own survey.

I created the picture to go in the form, from www.picmonkey.com, which is a free site where you can create pictures.

So what will I do with this information?

1. I will send them a mini catalog with party information. Each invitation I send has a #. I call one # at the party. And if that person has their invitation on them, they win a prize.

2. If my hostess re-books in the future, I still have her guest list.

3. I can send a “targeted” mailing in the future to all of her guests because I still have access to her guest list.

4. I can send a text reminder a couple of days before the party, to remind everyone. And one the day of the party.

5. In the reminder text, I can also post a link to her party in case they can’t make it

6. I can also send an email invitation to her guest list.

7. On her Facebook event, I can post this link with an incentive for filling it out to get their catalog. Just another way to increase attendance and gain more contacts.

When you’re working in Direct Sales, it’s so important to have multiple ways of inviting people to the party. With this form, it makes creating the guest list a BREEZE. It’s going to take some pressure off of the hostess by having her guests fill out the information FOR her.

So here’s to trying new things in your Direct Sales business for 2015! WOOT WOOT for change and SIMPLE~EASY~FUN!

And you know what’s really cool? There’s an APP for your google forms! So you can access all this party information directly from the Google Drive app on your phone! WOOOHOO for….”there’s an APP for that 🙂 ”

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts



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What is a Thirty-One Party to Go?

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Would you love to earn FREE Thirty-One products but just don’t have the time to host a party?

I want to tell you about a PARTY TO GO!


What is a Thirty-One PARTY TO GO?

This is where you take a hostess packet, catalogs, monthly specials fliers, and order forms…you pass it out to all your friends and family while you’re on the go…and you collect a few orders! It’s SO easy to do!

Why should you host a Thirty-One PARTY TO GO?

You can earn FREE, half price, and hostess exclusive items just for collecting $200 in orders! That could be just a few orders!

Who can host a Thirty-One PARTY TO GO?

ANYONE! It doesn’t matter if you live in my town or 10 states away…I can mail you a hostess packet and set your party up online! Your friends and family can order from you, no matter where they’re at! I’m from Ohio, and had 2 parties to go in Louisiana last month! And they both earned tons of FREE, HALF PRICE, and hostess exclusive items.

When should you host a Thirty-One PARTY TO GO?

Right now! There’s no better time than the present! Get your Thirty-One summer gear to make your summer as stylish, organized, and as FUN as it can be!

Want more information on how EASY it is to host a Thirty-One PARTY TO GO?

Fill out this survey below and you could be set up for style this summer. No matter how busy you are…or where you live…I can help you! And I LOVE to spoil my hostesses!


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts