Director Power House

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We had another INSANELY successful Powerhouse retreat! This meeting was created 3 years ago with a dream and a mission. And it has grown into something so much more. I always that God had much bigger plans for me than I did! And Powerhouse is such a reflection of that.

What is it for?

We have training for Direct Sales Leaders. An entire weekend packed full of information to help leaders grow their business in the direct sales industry.

Every year, we have 150 directors from all over the country, and all different teams, gather in one place for an AWESOME weekend of empowerment and training as leaders. And best of all, we had SO MUCH FUN!

I am very excited to announce that we will be taking our training LIVE and cross country to consultant level direct sellers in the very near future!

Our training included 3 days of intense training on:

1. Organizing your business into systems

2. Social media training for direct sellers

3. The difference between a leader and a manager

4. Maximizing Fundraisers

5. Integrating Technology Into Your Business

6. Leading Your Team

7. Branding Your Business

8. Calendar Blocking

9. Marketing Your Business

and MUCH more!

The fellowship and training was truly amazing!

Our speakers included:

1. Melanie Moore

2. Beth Jones-Schall:

3. Melissa Fietsam (myself)

4. Lisa Woodruff:

5. Tiffany Wellinghoff

6. Julia Petrie

7. Belinda Ellsworth:

8. Jawana Root

9. Gretchen Manmiller


If you would like to see what Powerhouse is all about, check out our hashtag: #31powerhouse

We are so excited to announce Powerhouse 2015 will be in Nashville, TN next year and we are already well on our way to planning!

A BIG thank you to everyone who attended….YOU are my WHY…and I love you!

And a BIG thank you to all of our speakers for a phenomenal weekend of training and fellowship! I can never repay you enough for your time and service to Powerhouse and all the ladies you empowered this weekend!

If you attended Powerhouse…please let us know what you thought about your weekend in a comment below!


Here’s some pictures below of our meeting and the most fun I’ve ever had on a scavenger hunt!!


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Are you keeping track?

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Keep track of your contacts!

It is SO important to keep track of every aspect of your business in direct sales. How many times do you get a lead for a booking or potential recruit, write their information on a piece of paper, and then LOSE it??!! That is just not affordable in our business.

I have completely changed my business by implementing some of the ideas from Belinda Ellsworth’s  Power Hour trainings. It took me 6 month to perfect my system, but my business is now a well oiled machine. I work efficiently and effectively on every aspect of my business that NEEDS my attention:

1. Booking

2. Recruiting

3. Hostess Coaching

4. Customer Care

Check out this video to see how YOU can organize your own business. Because let’s face it, these four areas are the foundation of our business. And if you’re not taking care of the foundation of your business, you will struggle.

I have never been more successful, confident, and EXCITED about my business than ever before. and it is ALL due to this system!

Power Hour Binder

Here’s examples of the files I have created to track booking leads, recruiting leads, VIP customers, and my personal marketing plan:

4-vip 3-recruit  12-booking

If you would like access to all these files, they can be found here:

Direct Sales Planner

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So I have an awesome project to announce that I have been working on for 6 months! We have finally finished and are ready to launch it! This is the ultimate direct sales planner.

There are 4 separate files: for ANY directors and above, for ANY consultants, and then ones specifically for Thirty-one Directors and Thirty-One consultants.  So find the one that works for YOU!

In it, you will find checklists for:

1. tax purposes

2. mileage tracking

3. to do lists

4. team reminders

5. Holiday calendar with events (like nurses week and such) so you can plan your business

6. password log in tracker

7. team incentive tracker

8. customer give a way tracker


So would you like to see a video? Here you go!

Direct Sales Planner

You can order the planner at our Etsy shop:

Marketing Madness

If you have any questions, lease let me know! We will uploading TONS of files very soon! So check back! We will be uploading holiday files, hostess packet files, guest packets, lead packets, and much more!

Here’s a sneak peak at just one of the files in our Thirty-One Director Planner:


Teacher and Classroom Fundraiser

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Teachers have a ton of classroom expenses and I can help you ease some of those expenses with a Thirty-One Fundraiser!

Host a Thirty-One party and use 30% of ALL SALES for classroom supplies!

There are a few ways to do this:

1. Online link to your party. So friends and family from everywhere can place orders

2. Facebook party so you can invite friends and family and I can help generate sales for you

3. Home Show

4. Catalog party

5. Set up in your classroom and invite all your co-workers

6. Or a combination of any or all of the above!

If you would like to set up your classroom fundraiser today, fill out the survey below and let’s get you started! Not local, NO WORRIES! I can help you no matter where you live!

Gone Postal

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If you are in direct sales, you are probably at the post office quite a bit. Check out my new post office bag. I’m going to tell you WHY I have it, WHAT is in it, and what it can do for you!


Almost every time I go into the post office, I forget something:

~ a pen

~ a marker

~address labels

~extra tape to close a package securely

…always SOMETHING!

And I’m not the only one! Every time i go in, someone asks the postal workers for one of the above items.

So as much as I am there, why not use it to my advantage?

I asked the postal workers if I could leave my pens with my business information and they were happy to let me. One less person to ask THEM for one, right?

Then I started leaving a couple mini catalogs along with them every time I was there.

So I got to thinking, I should have a BAG just for the post office! And this is what I put in it:

1. mini catalogs

2. pens with business information

3. packing tape

4. sharpie markers

5. box markers

6. address labels

Now every time I go to the post office, I will be the most helpful person in there. I will talk to whoever I can, help whoever I can, and give as many people as I can my business information!

So now you need a bag that advertises your business! If you sell:

Mary Kay…you could write Got Make Up? or…Dream Pink

Scentsy…Got Scents?

There’s so many fun things you could come up with to advertise your business in a FUN way, be helpful to others around you at the post office, never forget anything for yourself, AND…do some advertising!

And if you are ready to order…head on over to and get your own organizing utility tote today!!


Use your car as a billboard for your busines

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You take your car everywhere. Why not use it to market your business? I have gotten countless leads and sales for my business by having this sticker on the back of my car.


Here is my car decal:

car decal1

You run to the:


~grocery store

~picking kids up

~dropping kids off

~stuck at trains

…the list goes on and on!

Wouldn’t you rather be stuck at a light or train with someone looking at your business information? I even got a vendor fair booked while I was waiting to pick up my son from school one day. I feel like this is just something natural that every person that owns their own business should have. You and your car are a walking billboard! Just like you should be carrying your product with you everywhere you go…so should your CAR!

This is the place I ordered my car decal from, cost me about $20:

How good is your customer service on the phone?

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How good is your customer service when picking up the phone? I store all my customers in my phone with a 31 before their first name, like…31Teresa Smith. That way, I know immediately when it pops up that it is a 31 customer. And I do not pick up the phone and say HELLO. I say, HI TERESA!! Just one way to make your customers and hostesses feel extra special!!

Also, with that 31 in front of their name, if I am doing a booking blitz, I just have to scroll through the 31’s…not my whole contact base!!!


Making your customers feel special is the key to great customer service. Remarkable customer service is what will keep your customers coming back to YOU over all the other consultants.

Also, with every single customer order, I send a hand written THANK YOU note in the mail. I tell them their expected delivery date, thank them for their business, and send a business magnet with my information on it. I choose to put this in the mail because I do not want it to get lost in their bags of product that I deliver. I want them to get something in the mail other than a bill! Something to make them smile and say, “hmmmm….”.  Set yourself apart!

Here are the business magnets I order from


Marketing With Your Mini Catalogs

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Handing out mini catalogs:

Everybody always asks me…WHAT DO YOU SAY….when you hand out mini catalogs??

“I just don’t know what to say”

Ready for it??? This is monumental…this is going to be a turning point in your career….pay very close attention… ready for it????…………….. “Do you mind if I leave this with you?”

-she’ll say……. “Sure, what is it?”

-and you’ll say…. “I sell purses, this is our mini catalog and a $5 coupon for you!”

**if she acts interested at all, you say…if you write your name and email down I can add you to my newsletter and monthly drawing. I give away one free gift a month for my brand new customers. A great way to remind yourself to do this is to put a post it note on the front of each mini catalog.  Here’s the form I use to get their contact information BACK:


Make little goody bags.  All you need to make your own is:

-a mini catalog

-an opportunity flier or post card

-and a business card with a Coupon on it

#1 Where do you put the mini catalogs?




**every Sunday….make up 25 mini’s….and put half of them in your purse and half of them in your CAR! Your job each week is to hand out 25 mini catalogs a week to complete strangers…

Who do you leave them with??

*** EVERYONE!!!! When you go into the…

-Grocery store, give it to the teller

-Bank, send it in the tube

-Gas station, give it to the clerk

-Library, give it to the lady checking you out

-Walmart, give it to the cashier

-Doctor, leave some for the staff

-Dollar store, give to the cashier

-WORK…leave in the BATHROOMS, breakrooms…

-Servers….attach your bill to the mini catalog

ANYONE you come into contact with.  And when you get really good at this…you not only go into the dollar store you intended to, but you go into the store NEXT DOOR! Why not? You’re already THERE!

AND WHAT DO WE SAY WHEN WE HAND THEM OUT????? “Do you mind if I leave this with you???”

Now one more thing that’s fun to do……

You CAN get some kiddy looking goody bags and a sticker book, mini notepads, and a pack of 64 crayons at your dollar store.  Put some stickers, two sheets of paper folded over, 2 crayons, and a mini catalog packet.  Hand them to rowdy kids in stores-the moms will love you 🙂

These are my goody bags below. Easy to keep nice and neat in these 5×8 zip lock bags. You can order these for very cheap on eBay!

think about it packets

“Fish Bowl” Marketing

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So here is a new twist to an old trick on our “fish bowl” marketing from a very good friend of mine, Melanie Moore, Networking Strategist (find more information about Melanie Moore below). We call them Fish Bowls because that is originally what we used for people to drop slips or business cards into.


What is a Fish Bowl?

This is just a “basket”, of any kind, that you can leave at local businesses to gain contact information from their customers.

Here is a 3 minute video you can watch that I made for my team…all about how to set up your own “fish bowls” or business baskets at local businesses.

WHY would you do this?


You are making connections with the employees. I walk in, ask to speak to the manager, and ask if I can buy a gift certificate for their business and do a give a way. We talk, I leave my information and full catalog with them and the employees. CONNECTIONS. That’s 5 less people than I would have talked to about my business if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone to do this, right?


You are making connections with potential customers you never would have been able to meet on your own. By leaving slips for them to fill out their contact information, you are opening the door to endless possibilities and new customers.

So, I always have to take things one step further. Why not keep a Large Utility Tote in your trunk full of these business baskets.  Wouldn’t it be great if you were out running errands on a regular day, walked into a business, and thought…this would be a great place to leave a business basket. If you leave them in your trunk…you will be 10 times more likely to DO IT. Set yourself up for success! Have a marketing kit in your car. And girl…if you don’t have one, you need one! So call me and I’ll hook you up 🙂





If you would like to see the slips I made for these baskets, there is a print out available here:

If you would like to connect with one fabulous lady, whom I truly admire and look up to, Melanie Moore can be found here:




Cross Advertising-can I get a partner???

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How many consultants do you know that sell for another company?

Are you using those connections effectively?

How easy would it be to sit down today and write a list of 10 people who work for a different direct sales company? I am a Thirty-One consultant. I could contact:


Mary Kay

Tastefully Simple

Pampered Chef


Swiss Just

Pink Zebra



Jamberry Nails


…and the list goes on and on!

So then I ask them if I can mail them 25 mini catalogs. They could put my catalogs in their customer bags when they deliver. And they can mail ME 25 mini catalogs and I will do the same for them! How easy is that? Reaching new customers is what it’s all about. Making NEW connections each and every day.

Let’s go a step further. What if I sent one consultant from a different company a product I sell. She gives a shout out on Facebook to me with a picture of my product, maybe a coupon offered for a referral, and link to my website. And I do the same for her. Send me something small in your inventory and let me advertise for you! And you can advertise for me. Let’s see if we can use our connections with each other….to make more customers for the both of us!

It’s such a good way to gain a new customer base!! And don’t think you have to stay local…how great would it be to find a consultant 2 states over and do advertising with THEM? I would sure like to expand my customer base, how about you?

So who do I have out there in the direct sales world that would like to do this with me?? I have lots of Thirty-One to give away:) And lots of mini catalogs to mail you! Who wants to partner with me? Message me today!! I have a very loyal and broad customer base that would LOVE to see your products too!

Please contact me today if we can partner together! And let your teams know..this is a great way to get out of your box!!

Have a great day!

Melissa Fietsam,

Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts