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Do You Have Business Insurance?

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So … you know how I have mentioned my business BFF, Melanie Moore, a few times here on the blog? Well, she has been after me to blog about this topic for a long time because she believes it is a resource that every direct seller needs, whether you have been in the business 10 days or 10 years. I will be honest, I kept pushing back on her about writing about this because it is totally out of my norm for this blog, it is something I am not an expert in, and truthfully it is a little depressing talking about insurance and accidents … but here comes a #truthbomb – “sometimes bad stuff happens to good people”! I want nothing more than to share an awesome resource that could help you should any of that bad stuff happen to you, something that will protect the well-being of your family & your personal family finances!

So here we are, I am going to do it!
We are going to talk about getting BUSINESS INSURANCE for your direct sales business!
YES, such a thing does exist!
YES, you can get it quickly and easily!
YES, you need it!

Why You Need Business Insurance:

Times have changed, my friends, and if you do not have insurance coverage for your business, you should! You are entering people’s private homes, what if you knock over the Hostess’s prize possession with your bag? Or you are carrying-pulling-dragging products, tables, garment racks, and shelving units into vendor events, what if you take out another vendor’s table or worse, hit a child with one of your poles as you blindly walk in carrying more than you should because you are trying to minimize your trips in and out to the car? And with the Spring vendor event season upon us, I have noticed more and more venues requiring “proof of insurance” in order to participate. Do you have proof of insurance for your business? Most home owner’s policies DO NOT cover your business.

I know, I get it, “but that would never happen to me”. But that’s just it, it DOES happen to people like us every day. You need to think proactively for your business and be prepared for the “what if”, just like you do for your home, your health and your cars. Insurance exists to cover the unknown and the accidents.


Getting Quotes:

I am sure you can connect with your own local insurance provider and get quotes, but I went with an insurance company that was referred to me. Just so you know, I do not get any kick backs for this, I just want to provide you with information and a valuable resource that I have found to get you & your family protected!

This insurance company specifically caters to direct sellers and understands our language, that is what I like about them. For only $75 a year, you get $2 million in general liability insurance for your business (including property and bodily injury), plus $3,000 for property coverage (including products and samples). I have looked into other options and for me, this is the best deal.


Printable Insurance Certificates for Events:

But here is what I love the most about this company, the printable event insurance certificates! I can download and print them myself anytime I need to provide them for an event (I just bring it with me to each event). Other companies require you to request a certificate and then you wait until they send it, some charge you extra to print a certificate, but with this company, I can just go print it on my own whenever I need it. They have been a Direct Sales Association Supplier for 27 years, which is quite impressive. And I know that they offer health insurance for Independent Contractors too, but I have not looked into that yet myself, you can check it out on their website.

When you apply for coverage from them, you will have to choose your company from the dropdown menu, they cover A LOT of companies, but not every company out there. A quote from their FAQ page says, “Because we must look at the nature of the product being sold, we must qualify all direct selling companies. When you enroll you need to select from the approved list of companies the one you represent. If your company does not show up on our list then our insurance carrier has not approved issuing a policy to cover your activities on their behalf. We cannot write policies unless your company is on the approved list of companies. Remember coverage will only be for you as a sale representative for the company you register for as an authorized representative.”


Do Your Own Research:

I invite you to check out getting insurance specifically for your business, the truth is …. when you are working with tons of people, taking credits cards and cash, carrying things in and out of locations … you just never know what is going to happen. I am not claiming to know everything about everything when it comes to business insurance, but I can tell you for certain that for $75 a year, it gives me enormous peace of mind that my family is protected from loss. You will need to do your own due diligence and research what is best for your family.

Here is the company we are referring to in this article:




10 Reasons to Become a Thirty-One Consultant in November 2015

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Top 10 reasons to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015…coming your way!

#1 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because this is the Fall 2015 Thirty-One enrollment kit. And it doesn’t get much better than this! There’s over $400 in product and it’s all yours to keep! it comes with everything you need to start your new business off right! The extra contents in the enrollment kit are listed below!


kit contents-page-1

#2 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

We have the BEST program in the company to support and REWARD new consultants! Our Start Swell Program is pretty much off the hook! And right now, ONLY through December 2015, they have added CASH BONUSES to the already amazing Start Swell incentive! We have consultants on our team who have earned over $1000 just in CASH BONUSES!!

Your start swell is your 1st 4 months as a consultant. Each 30 day period, you enter one average party ($600 in orders), and you’re going to earn one of these kits below. And YOU get to pick which kits you want! That’s up to FOUR additional product kits for FREE!!!


#3 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because I have all your questions answered! If you’re a visual learner like me, I put a video together with tons of Frequently Asked Questions about joining Thirty-One. Check it out!

#4 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Pay for your Christmas in COLD HARD CASH!  Thirty-One has added CASH BONUSES to the start swell program and it only lasts through December! Sign up and you could earn up to $250 in CASH…PLUS a new product kit every single month, for your first 4 months! What better way to pay for your Christmas DEBT FREE?!

And get a friend to start up with you…and earn even MORE CASH!!

Sell $600 in your first 30 days and get any start swell product kit for FREE!

Sell $1000 in your first 30 days and get a $100 CASH BONUS!

Sell $2400 in your first 30 days and get a $250 CASH BONUS!


#5 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because when you join in November and host your launch party…MAGIC happens!


  1. You get to be the hostess AND the consultant!
  2. So you get tons of free and half price items at your launch party as the hostess
  3. you earn the COMMISSION on your own party as the consultant. So essentially, you pay yourself back for the kit you just purchased.
  4. You hit your first TWO start swells goals with your launch party and earn a FREE product kit PLUS a $100 CASH bonus.

It’s INSANE the amount of CASH, PRODUCT, and FREE and HALF PRICE items you’re going to earn. Right in time for the holidays!

#6 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Friends and an AMAZING team!


Our team is called Team Trendy. And we seriously have the best team in the company, tad bit biased, I know:) We hit MILLION DOLLAR TEAM last year! And are right on mark to accomplish that again. That means our team hit 1 million dollars in sales. That means we know what we’re doing. And we can’t wait to teach YOU.

We have an exclusive training just for our team members that is top notch and sets you up for success from day one of joining.

And you’re going to meet so many new friends with this company. Some of my best friends are Thirty-One Consultants from all over the country. Building relationships is easy to do when you’re part of this company. The environment, the support, the encouragement, and the relationships you will build will change your life in a way you could never even imagine!

#7 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because you deserve it.


Because every person has a different reason for joining, and it all MATTERS. It all makes us who we are and drives our success.

Are you a mom who just wants to get out of the house?

Are you retired and bored or need some some extra income?

Are you wanting to pay for those expensive sports your kids are in?

Are you simply not wanting to feel guilty about buying that new pair of shoes you want?

Are you wanting to quit your job? Maybe even just go part time?

Are you wanting to become a stay at home mom?

Are you simply wanting to take that family vacation you’ve always dreamed of?

Are you just wanting the AMAZING discount and free products that Thirty-One consultants get?

No matter what your WHY is…we all start with the same kit. The same goal to earn something that means something to us. And whatever your goal or desire is…Thirty-One can help you get there…because you DESERVE it!

#8 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because sometimes you simply want to be celebrated!


No matter what you’re doing in Thirty-One, you’re going to be working towards goals to CELEBRATE~ENCOURAGE~REWARD you at all times!

~We have consultant incentives where you earn free product for monthly goals.

~We have your start swell goals where you’re earning product bundles AND cash bonuses.

~You have the chance a FREE paid expenses trip to an exotic location every single year.

~You have exclusive early access to  any outlet sales that Thirty-One may roll out. And BOY are those great!

~Watch our Product Premiere twice a year in movie theaters all across the country! Consultants get to watch the new catalog launch and sneak peeks on the big screen! And we always go home with some goodies from home office;) So. Much. FUN!

~Thirty-One loves to celebrate their consultants on every level. You will be blown away by the amount free product that starts stacking up in your house!

#9 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because it’s FUN!


I’m a mom. I have 5 kids. I NEED to get out of the  house. I NEED to have adult conversations. And I NEED an outlet to be ME.

I control my schedule to work around my family and my life. And that’s the best part about it. You control how little or much you want to work. You control your income.

And all the while, I get to get out of the house. Heck, I’m headed to New York this month with my daughter to help celebrate Thirty-One’s donation to the Today Show Toy Drive. I have 4 home shows booked this month. I’ll be attending a leadership retreat this coming weekend. I’m looking forward to the Thirty-One product premiere next month where I get to go to the movie theater and hang out with 300 other Thirty-One Consultants! I have a show Friday with a friend/hostess I met FOUR years ago with Thirty-One and I ALWAYS look forward to seeing her and her family again! In my best Jerry McGuire voice…Thirty-One completes me.

And I know it can be blessing and so much FUN for you too!

#10 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Start Your New Year off with a brand new business with Thirty-One. What a great time to make a New Year’s Resolution to do what YOU want to do this coming year.

It’s a no brainer! It’s a WIN/WIN any way you look at it!

So to break it down completely  for you…

STEP 1: Get your gorgeous new kit for $99. It comes with over $400 in product and includes all your catalogs, mini catalogs, and order forms. And much more!

STEP 2: Set your launch party and get your start swell kits for FREE! You can earn up to FOUR free kits! PLUS CASH BONUSES!

STEP 3: Watch all that cash come rolling into your bank account with all those parties during the holidays when your friends are in the best shopping mode of the year!

recruit flier

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Thirty-One Consultant

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Ever wonder what becoming a Thirty-One consultant is all about? Check out this video!

Here is the new fall enrollment kit you get for $99:


We also have an amazing program called Start Swell for our new consultants. It’s top notch and will get you started off with a BANG! You have the chance to earn FOUR of these kits for FREE in your first 4 months as a new consultant!


Would you like to view the entire Thirty-One Catalog? Check out the link below:


Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions answered for you.

  1. I have a very busy life and I’m not sure if I can be gone at night. What are the shopping event options?

You can do JUST catalog parties and online parties if that is what fits your schedule.  A catalog party is when you give someone a hostess packet and they simply collect orders from their friends and family and turn them in to you. SO EASY!

  1. Do consultants have a monthly/quarterly quota to stay active?

To stay active with Thirty-One, consultants only need to submit $200 in sales every rolling three months. A qualifying party for Thirty-One is only $200! Very easy to stay active!

  1. Does the company supply consultants with a website? If so, what is the cost?

The cost is $12.95 a month.  You will receive the website and newsletter FREE during your first three months you join Thirty-0ne. And you can cancel that at any time. But this website allows your friends, family, and customers to order directly from your website AND order from your hostesses parties online!

  1. How do I submit orders?

You submit orders via your personal website in what we call our “Back Office”.  Here you will place party orders, create online orders, and do business supply orders

  1. Can my customers order from my website?

Yes! Your customers can go directly to your website and place an order

  1. What is my initial cost to become a consultant?

It only takes $99 to purchase your enrollment kit!  It comes with over $400 in product you get to use for yourself and your parties. And those are yours to KEEP and USE! It also comes with all your order forms, catalogs, mini catalogs, and much more! Everything you need to get your business rolling!

  1. What will I get with my kit and when can I expect to receive it?

You will get all the products on the back of the new catalog along with 25 catalogs, invitations, and 50 order forms in addition to other start-up paperwork.  You will receive your kit in 3-5 days.


  1. Are there any other hidden fees?

No, Thirty-One does not charge you any other fees throughout the year.

  1. What can I do to prepare while waiting for my kit?

You’ll want to jump right into some training we have just for our new consultants on our team! And you’ll want to spread the word about your new business.  Tell all your family and friends and start booking those parties!!!  Your best bet is to have what I call a “launch party” at your house.  Invite everyone you know and do your own party when your kit arrives.  That way you can enter your first party, you’ll make all the commission, and you’ll earn all the free and half-price items as the hostess-so you can add to your kit for FREE!

  1. How are Consultants paid at Thirty-One?

We are a paperless company!  You will need to set up for Direct Deposit. Consultants are paid twice a month. If you choose to have a check sent to you there is a $4 charge.  We get paid by direct deposit on the 10th and 25th of each month.

  1. Does the company offer consultant incentives?

Yes, Thirty-One offers us challenges during various months to receive something FREE or have the opportunity to qualify for various things. I personally love a good challenge and its funny how your customers will help you get there too! You also have the chance to earn free TRIPS! And you’ll always have the chance to earn NEW free product when a new catalog is getting ready to launch. Thirty-One makes it easy to run your business with as little out of pocket as possible!

  1. How do I collect money from customers?

As a consultant, you can accept cash, checks, or credit cards for the full amount owed including shipping and tax. Consultants are not charged for this service. Thirty One accepts all major credit cards.

  1. Do I have to have a separate business checking account to become a Thirty-One consultant?

No. Although, by having a separate checking account for your Thirty-One business it may make it easier to track business income and expenses.

  1. Is there a penalty or fee if I decide to get out of the business?

No. Just contact home office and let them know of your decision.  There is never a penalty for not selling…you have nothing to lose by trying!!!

  1. Are there any support groups or training for Thirty-One consultants?

Yes! Yes! Yes! You will receive a Training packet in your kit. We also have a Consultant Website for all Thirty-One consultants and it is updated daily with the

latest information that you will need to run your business. You can get all the info on company announcements, consultant information, and online trainings. We also have a team page full of daily tips and marketing tricks for your business! And of course, we have individual team trainings and resources that are INVALUABLE to everyone on our team:)


These are just a few questions to help get you started if you’re thinking of becoming a Thirty-One consultant. It truly was one of the best decisions I ever made! If you have more questions, please feel free to ask below or message me. I would be happy to answer any and all questions!


 Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Weekly Tip for Your Direct Sales Business

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Using your time efficiently is the best tip I can give you in your direct sales business. And there are many ways to do that, but here are a couple of my favorites:


1. Save all of your hostess information in your phone.

The next time you’re stuck by train, message your hostesses and ask how they’re doing.

The next time you’re waiting to pick up your son from basketball, message your hostesses and ask them where they’re standing on orders and if they need any extra supplies to help them.

The next time you’re sitting at a doctor’s office waiting to be seen, message your hostesses and let them know what time you’ll arrive and what kind of guests will be attending. Moms, nurses, teachers? This will help you gear your presentation to help them.

Of course, there’s a thousand thing you can do in 5 minutes, but make your hostess coaching a priority and use your time efficiently and it won’t be such a burden to get things done. We spend half our time “waiting” for something. DO SOMETHING while you’re waiting that will benefit your business.

**Also, save your contacts for your business separately. For instance, I believe Gretchen Manmiller shared this with many moons ago. I save all my Thirty-One customers as 31Sally Johnson. So when i have a few minutes, i can go through my contacts in my phone, type in “31” and all my customers pop up. I can scroll down the list and message 3 people:

~”hey Sally! I was sitting here thinking about your party. Someone said something that made me laugh and think about you today! And then I thought, has she seen the new fall catalog? And then I thought, oh my goodness! I need to get her one! Want me to send you one out? And how is your mom doing? I saw on FB she just had surgery?”

It is literally THAT simple. Use those 5 minutes to build your relationships and you will build your business. You have to have a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) mentality when it comes to running your business. Cause you ARE! No one else is going to run your business for you. Ask yourself if you’re really doing all you can do, and then see how you can do it more efficiently.

2. Invest in a good Bluetooth headset and at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

Yes, I’m telling you to walk around with that stupid thing in your ear for 30 minutes a day (or at least 3 times a week). My husband makes fun of me when I have it on. LOL. Now I’m going to get really insane and tell you to wake up 30 minutes earlier 3 times a week and go for an early morning walk before the birds (and everyone in your house) wakes up.

There are a million books out there that will change your life. I get up at 5am every morning, brush my teeth, make my energy drink, put my bluetooth headset on, and walk out the door. And I listen to an AUDIO book while I’m walking. I’m ALWAYS learning something new. I’m always feeding my soul, my business, and my drive with some amazing information. And by walking in the morning…I simply feel better. I’m more productive and ready to take on my day with a great attitude and perspective from something I learned in whatever book I’m “reading” that day.

I have an iPhone, so I simply go to my iTunes store, find a book I want, and download the audio and away I go. I can easily “read” one book a week. Have a 30 minute commute to work everyday? LISTEN to your book on the way. Utilize the precious time you DO have…and you’ll start to see things change!

I’ve had 3 or 4 different brands. And I personally like Jabra the best. When looking for a bluetooth set, there are tons of options. The most important thing is it has to say that you can listen to MUSIC. Because some will only take calls. And then you wouldn’t be able to listen to your books! Here’s one for $37 on amazon. But you can find anything comparable, just make sure it lets you listen to music:

Time to conquer my day!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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DELETE-You Have My Permission

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One of my best friends, Tiffany Wellinghoff (genius #’s nerd friend of mine…she’s a midget too. And she always sends a text when I do this to her. So I LOVE it. LOL)… gave me one of the BEST tips ever!

She said you have my permission to DELETE and UNSUBSCRIBE.


Make yourself a challenge for this entire week. Every morning when you check your inbox, don’t just delete those pesky emails. UNSUBSCRIBE. Take one week to unsubscribe and get rid of some of the clutter in your inbox. It only takes a second to do, but you have to MAKE yourself do it.

So Payless Shoes, and concert ticket venues, and Staples, and Target, and QVC, and Aeropostale, and JC Penny, and New York & Company, and American Eagle, and the list goes on and on…STOP DELETING THEM and UNSUBSCRIBE!!

You have been challenged!!


The other thing is to DELETE. Block off 2 hours this week. Anywhere, just SOMEWHERE. Could be 30 minutes a day waiting for your kid to come out of football practice. Whatever it is, block it off. And go through every single daggone email in your inbox. And DELETE.

Start uncluttering your life.

It took me 2 and a half hours to get through all my emails yesterday. And I’m soooooo glad I did it. Kids are back in school. And I’ll be happy to take you along with me on my journey to getting back into my groove. They literally started back to school today. And I’m ready to ROCK this fall season. But I can’t do it without everything around me in order.

#GetAfterIt #MountainsToMove


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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4 Services You Will Eventually Need in Your Direct Sales Business

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4 Services you will eventually need in your direct sales business if you continue to push the envelope, your business continues to grow, and you’re seeming overwhelmed.

Let me just say first…I gain nothing from these 4 recommendations. The reason I am telling you about these 4 services is because I appreciate things and people who make my life easier. I appreciate good people with good intentions to share their gifts in a way to lift others up. These are 4 instances that I have personally come across with…in business and in person. In order for me to recommend something or someone, it takes a tall order and an insane amount of trust. I do not hand them out lightly. These people and businesses have touched my life. And I know they can touch yours.

You may not use these people or companies in particular. But my hope is that you recognize and give yourself permission to seek these services out when you get to the point that you are feeling overwhelmed. An NED with Thirty-One reached out to me recently and gave ME permission to spend more on help. She said someone once told her…if more money does not give you more TIME…then it’s not worth it. Now I probably just totally butchered what she said and her exact words…but it resonated with me. So I gave myself permission to delegate more tasks to people who are insanely capable of my high standards for my own business. So again, I simply want to give you permission to reach out for help when you get to that point.

These are 4 things that have moved my business to the next level. And I’m going to bore you to death explaining each one. And the ways each one changed my life.

  1. Personal Coaching
  2. Virtual Assistant
  3. Graphic/Flyer Designs
  4. Social Media Scheduling


Now I will be 100% honest with you and let you know I have never paid for an outside coach. But I have always had one with Thirty-One. I have had at least 7 different coaches and cherish 3 of those relationships. The others I kind of gave up on. You definitely have to find your match. You have to find someone who gets you. Who gets your personality and your life and is REAL. And GENUINE. And they’ll be worth every penny. As soon as I get a handle on this fall, I will personally be taking on some coaching with Angilee. Because I’m ready to get to the next level in my own business. And I know she can help me do that.

My very first coach was Angilee Myers. I started coaching with her as a Senior Director. The thing about Angilee is that she was a sounding board. She was my accountability and my focus. And she quickly became my friend. You can have all the ideas, the want, the passion, and the drive in the world. But if you can’t FOCUS that energy into a meaningful plan, it will end up driving you in circles. She walked me through my promotion to Executive Director and truly made a difference in my life. Whether it was family issues, work issues (non 31 related), or Thirty-One related…she walked me through it. And a good coach, has this amazing way of making YOU figure out your own plan. She brings out the best in you.

The great thing is, she’s officially coaching now. And if you need that focus, if you’re so overwhelmed you can’t think straight…it’s time to invest in a coach. I have never had anyone to refer people to, but I do now. Because I believe in her and what she can do for you. Because I saw it first hand.

Or maybe you’re looking to reach towards the next level in your career. Whether you’re scared, you’re excited, or you don’t know where to start…Angilee can help you walk through those waters!

Here is a little more about Angilee Myers and how you can contact her for your own coaching sessions, if and when, you ever feel like you’ve reached that point where you need help. Because we all need help sometimes. And this business is no joke. Direct Sales changes lives. And before you give up, or get so overwhelmed that this business becomes a burden instead of a passion, you need a coach to help you get your fire back and get back on the right track:

Angilee was a top performer in sales and recruiting when she was in the field. She sat on the Presidents Advisory Council for 2 years (max allowed) and helped develop countless training programs. She’s had years of corporate direct sales experience but fell in love with the marriage between coaching and performance. She is a certified Direct Sales Coach and a credentialed coach with the ICF. She currently has her ACC and is applying for her PCC this fall. (PCC requires over 700 logged hours of coaching – so she’s coached quite a bit!). She also helped launch the coaching program at Thirty-One and believes strongly that success in this business comes from family, work and life working together in harmony. “It can be simple easy and fun if we stay focused and go to work everyday! Personally, as you know, I have 5 big kids (4 in college this year), our bonus baby Will (2.5) and Aidan (1) who we will soon be adopting. 🙂 They are my joy and my why. I think I’m the best coach for DS leaders because, like you, I understand the chaos of life and the importance of getting a lot done effectively.” 

Angilee Myers contact information:


2. Virtual Assistant:

First of all, what is a virtual assistant and why would you need one? And when would you need one? And how would you find one? I simply want to help you understand a little more of my world. You all see me doing amazing things in my business, but I’ve never really laid it all out there. I have help. I have chosen a path of serving others. Of serving my team. And that passion takes a lot of my time. So in order to do that, I had to have help. I am blessed with two amazing assistants. And I also have my team newsletters done through a newsletter service.

One…is not for hire:) Her name is Brenda. And that poor woman has enough to handle with me. I recently decided to unload A LOT of work on Brenda. Why? Because I was drowning. I maintained my business with minimal services from my virtual assistants for a long time. But in this past year, my PV (personal sales volume) has doubled. And my team hit million dollar team (because they’re awesome like that). And I made PAC (Presidential Advisory Council). And my amount of home parties and hostesses has doubled or really tripled. But in all that success, I was slipping. I was missing things. I was dropping the ball. And I was miserable in all my success. And then that NED gave me permission to use my profits to give me more time to do the things I am so passionate about. To do the things that only I can do. And it is not easy giving up control. But man was it worth it. Brenda is good people. And a good friend. It’s amazing how God brings people into your life that you could never do without. She helps me run my personal business while I concentrate on our amazing team.

Now, Jackie Abrams is also an assistant of mine. And dear friend. We have been friends for about 7 years I think? This poor woman lives about 5 blocks from me. And she was my main assistant for years! Then she began her own career as a full-time virtual assistant. Jackie is simply what I call “good people”. And that’s a pretty elite group in my world. Not many people get that “token” 😉

So anyways! Jackie has a client base where she runs various tasks for people all over the country. What does she do for me?

She makes and sends hostess packets. I book a party, I email her and say here ya go, and she puts it together and mails it. She sends my happy mail and my birthday club post cards each month now too. And she rescues me when I’m drowning with just about anything. She knows this business inside and out and can help in so many ways.

But how do you know when you need an assistant?

~When you’re miserable. when you’re dropping the ball and missing things that you shouldn’t be. When your team is getting left behind because you can’t keep up with your own business. Or maybe you just want to step your business up a little. Relieve some of the work you do, so you can step things up a notch on recruiting and sales and booking. I was ok managing 6-10 parties a month. Once I started hitting more…I could not keep up personally. And maybe some women can. But I cannot. I work on too many other projects that require my time also. Not to mention my 5 kids and my husband who would all like to see their mother/wife every now and then:)

And what can they do for you?

Anything that doesn’t require personal attention. Hostess packets, invitations, newsletters, stats, surveys, emails, scheduling things, flyers, events, labeling catalogs, going to the post office, mailing things…these are things that can be done by someone else. YOU need to be doing things in your business that will result in booking, recruiting, and sales. And those things require your personal attention. If you’re so busy dealing with things that could be done by someone else, that you’re dropping the ball…it’s time to get an assistant.

Or maybe you’re simply not consistent. Find someone who is GOOD at organization and a good assistant will whip you into to shape and make you like like a million bucks;)

How do you go about finding one?

You ASK. I found Jackie by asking my friends and my team. I found Brenda by asking my friends and my team. And I couldn’t live without either one of them at this point. And if they can put up with me, they’re worth their weight in gold;) Some can come to your house if you want them to, others can work completely online. You simply ship them the materials they need to support your business. Maybe you could start delegating tasks like hostess packets and labeling catalogs to an older child of yours, a local teenager, or a family member. Whatever you do, I promise you’ll be glad they helped get you on track.

How much are you going to pay for a virtual assistant?

It depends entirely on what you need. They go by services. My advice to you is to start SMALL. Take one task and find someone to help. And then as you feel comfortable and build that trust and relationship, you can add more. You would be very surprised to find how affordable good help is. I encourage you to look into it when you start to feel like you are drowning.

Jackie Abrams has my golden seal and provides these services and much more. Her contact information and list of “help I’m drowning” is below. This is a list of the basic services she (or any virtual assistant if you train them) can help you with:

Jackie Abrams:


Create Monthly Newsletters  : to Gen 0 and /or Directors

Sending Birthday Postcards and Anniversary postcards monthly (using yours or mine)

Making recruiting packets (can do via long distance thru e-files and post office) monthly fee applies but will charge you for postage

Making hostess packets(can do via long distance thru e-files and post office) monthly fee applies but will charge you for postage

Making guest packets(can do via long distance thru e-files and post office) monthly fee applies but will charge you for postage

Labeling all catalogs and mini’s(can do via long distance thru e-files and post office)

Making goody bags for marketing(via mail)*

Taking t-shirt orders( collecting money and shipping)*

Special projects/mailings*

Event planning- i.e.: Director Powerhouse*

Analyzing Down line stats ( I send you a Monday update )

GO Analysis (send at beginning of month)

Weekly update to team (“Wednesday  Woo-Hoo”)

Tracking team incentives and mailing postcards/ gifts to winners(Qualified/Start Swell/VIP)

Planning for Celebrate and Connect Meetings (can do e-vites)

Tracking/Categorizing tax documents/receipts

Facebook shout outs to incentive winners, VIP’s, $1000 above sales, etc.

CER: on Facebook or through mail

Send New Consultant postcards/Welcome emails

Send At Risk email each month

Mailing Hostess Thank you cards.

Big Contacts: Can Import Contacts, Do Task Lists, Send emails,

Newsletters start at $15 per month; Wednesday Woohoo’s are $5 per month. Most of the other services are $2.50 each or 2/$5. unless marked by an asterisk . I am pretty open to trying new things so if you have a service that you would like me to do to help your business out, please contact me. I am here to help you make your life easier!

I also have to give a shout out to Amy at Crown Virtual Services. She has been doing my newsletters for quite a long time. And she is FLAWLESS and AMAZING and AFFORDABLE. I believe her newsletters start out at $18 a month. And if anyone struggles with newsletters…Amy and her company are truly amazing! She does newsletters and various other things to help your business too!

You can find her Facebook page at:

3. Graphic and Flyer Designs:

You know…I’m not too bad at graphics. I can make what I need. But it takes me FOREVER. And it’s never as good as someone who does this for a living or holds this God-given talent. I can assure I do not hold that talent from God. I was not blessed with it. I’ve had to research and trial and error SO much. And I wasted a lot of time.

My dear friend and team-mate Bridgett Edwards is a Godsend. She is an amazing graphic designer who helps our team beyond anything I can ever repay. But she also works. And has a family. And a life. LOL!

So I made the decision to start shipping this task out. I found someone who I like, I trust, and I can give them a chicken scratch idea and they get my scribbles and my brain. Kim from Night Owl Custom Design is affordable, reliable, and well worth her weight in gold to me.

I can send her an idea for a label and it costs me $8. $8 for a label that i need right away. That i would spend hours doing myself and it still wouldn’t look half as good as hers when i was done. So why waste my time? Why not support another woman owned business? it’s a smart investment. Work smarter. Not harder. She can literally do anything with designs. Post cards, business cards, flyers, you name…she can do it.

So go check out her page and stop beating yourself up and making the EXCUSE that you don’t have cute stuff. Cause you CAN. And it’s affordable. She makes people look GOOD:


4. Social Media Scheduling:

If you are doing Facebook parties and posts to twitter and Facebook and your team pages and customer pages…and the list goes on and on…you NEED to be on

This site allows you to schedule posts to your social media sites on YOUR TIME. I can schedule 15 Facebook parties in ONE setting. One post can go to 15 parties. You schedule the time and the date. And it posts for you. This site is truly a Godsend to my business. I can be eating dinner, or on vacation, or outside with my babies while Facebook parties are going on and making me $$$. There’s nothing more golden than time, right? Well, cinchshare gives you that time. It allows you to work on YOUR time.

And when I first started using it, I emailed the “help me” button simply to say THANK YOU. I feel in love immediately with the ease and burden it took off of me. And I quickly built a business relationship with a couple of the founders because they’re simply those “good people” I keep telling you about. They’re women entrepreneurs who were in this business and saw a NEED and answered it. And they’re rock solid. I have NEVER had a problem with this site. And it just keeps getting better and better. I highly encourage you to take a look at it and see what it can do for you.

Again, I receive no royalties or paychecks from them. I simply believe in them and their company and their mission. Their hard work has paid off in this amazing social media tool. And I’m very happy to spread that love of what they do. Because their company (and them) have blessed my life ten fold.

So there you go! I may look like Wonder Woman on the outside looking in. But I can assure you I am NOT. I know my strengths and I surround myself with people who are better at the things I am NOT. We all need help sometimes. Me, I need help ALL the time. LOL! But I simply wanted to give you permission and tell you it’s OKAY if you can’t do it all! You don’t have to! There’s some amazing people out there that can help you. And it may not be one of the people or companies above. And that’s ok. But know your limit and search for some help when the need arises!


~Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Thirty-One Fall Catalog 2015- It Has Finally Arrived!

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It’s officially August 2015. Wouldn’t you love a fresh new start with a new Thirty-One business? Let me show you all the things going on right now so you can make an informed decision on why NOW is the best time to join Thirty-One! We have the new Fall 2015 Enrollment kit, AND…the launch of the new JK by Thirty-One jewelry line in the catalog…AND…a brand new Start Swell program where you can earn up to FOUR more product kits for FREE!  There’s so much to make your experience as a new Thirty-One consultant AMAZING!

Take a peek below to see all the great things you need to know about becoming a Thirty-One Consultant in August!

And a message from “yours truly”

#1 Your Enrollment kit awaits! This amazing opportunity is only $99 and gets you over $400 in product (plus all the order forms, catalogs, and more to get started). And it usually arrives within 3-5 days of when you enroll!

#2 When you host your launch party and enter $600 in August, you’re also going to earn your 1st Start Swell! You get to choose ONE kit when you submit $600 in your first 30 days. Which one do YOU want?! And in your first 4 months, you have a chance to earn up to FOUR of these kits!


#3 Right now, if you get a new recruit in your first 4 months as a consultant, and they qualify within their Start Swell period, you earn $100 BONUS on each of them!


#4 August 1st-31st is an amazing customer special with Thirty-One, which = a GREAT start for you! Both of these bags are HALF OFF for every $35 your customers spend! The Family Fun thermal and the Everyday Crossbody!

12                           16


#5 And last, but not least, enter that $600 mark on your launch party in August, and you’re going to earn $150 in cold hard cash!! WOOHOO for starting the new year out with a new ADVENTURE, a new YOU, and a new Thirty-One BUSINESS! You earn 25% of whatever you sell, from the first dollar you sell. We’re entering one of the BIGGEST selling seasons of the year and there has never been a better time to join! The fall season will kick your business into high gear.

blog opp


Let me know if you have any questions about joining Thirty-One. I LOVE to answer questions. You can reach me in multiple ways:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One

Text: 513-225-1775




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Happy New Year! A new fiscal year…#RESET #JUMPSTART #THIRTYONE

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Say WHAT? I know…you’re thinking Melissa’s off her rocker again. Well, she is…but hey! Did you know this is the start of Thirty-One’s fiscal year? TODAY! It’s time to hit the reset button, time to jumpstart your Thirty-One business, time to set goals, time to assess the last fiscal year, and time to kick some TAIL in the next one!

Check out this video!

And here’s my own personal achievements in the past year, this is how much my OWN business grew!

melissa's stats

And why on Earth am I showing you my stats?

1. Because I’m proud of them. Because I worked very hard to earn those stats and I earned the right to BE proud!

2. Because I want YOU to see that your Director…works her tail off. For myself, for my family, and for YOU.

3. Because I want you to see that all the things I do…WORK! Ok, not all of them. But A LOT of them…LOL! Being slightly (or highly) abnormal, it works!

And working with passion and consistency…it pays off.

4. Because I want to INSPIRE you. One decision changed my business FOREVER! I made a goal for one brand new hostess a month. And boy did I create an avalanche.  Today is a NEW YEAR! The first day of the new year, and I want YOU to follow in my footsteps. Each and every one of you can have my results if you work hard enough. Heck! I’m not even CLOSE to the top sellers and partiers in this company or ANY company! But you know what…I don’t have to be. I beat my best. I moved forward. I created MOMENTUM in my business. And I will be blazing trails from this day forward! But I want all my friends beside me.

Because no matter where you are at in your business…the only thing that matters is what you do TODAY. And TOMORROW. And the NEXT DAY. The past is the past. It’s time to build your FUTURE!

So take a moment to REALLY think about the fact that TODAY…today is a new start.

I want you to physically HIT the RESET button below! Go ahead! Hit the button!!

Red Reset button


Now write your goals, write your WHY, and move some mountains with me this year!

Happy New Year Ladies!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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20 Minute Power Hour System for Your Direct Sales Business ((files included))

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So here is a video for all of my Direct Sales friends. Want to see what this Power Hour did for my OWN sales over a one year period? Check this out!

Melissa's stats

Watch this video below, and then scroll on down to grab the pictures of my binder, so you can make your own binder! AND…don’t forget the files I’ve uploaded for you on the “Melissa’s Shared Documents” tab on my blog too. 

Now you’re all set! You have no excuse to NOT work your business in 20 minutes a day. Everyone has 20 minutes a day!!

1 2


Here is my Power Hour Binder:

8 tabs with pockets, in a 1 inch binder:

1. Booking

2. Recruiting

3. Hostess (home show)

4. Catalog (catalog parties)

5. Trots (turkey trots)

6. Fundraisers

7. VIP

8. Follow Up


I love the pocket dividers because I can put my extra papers in there. I can also add papers to the pockets, so I could throw them in there unitl I had time to work on that portion of my business. So any leads, I just throw them in the pocket 🙂

I got all my supplies at Walmart

I have 100% faith that anyone can do this. YOU can do this! All you need is to stop making excuses of why you can’t find time, and figure out when you CAN find 20 minutes to get it done!

Happy Power Hour ladies!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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20 minute power hour incentive for my Thirty-One team

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This is all about consistency in your Direct Sales business. Working the Power Hour for 20 minutes a day, can launch your Thirty-One business into a whole other level. I’m trying very hard to relay that to my team and make the entire thing duplicatable.

I’m very good at mimicking every single thing I do for my team. I want them to see me working. I want them to see where my success is coming from.

If you’re a leader in Thirty-One, you should be doing just that…LEADING. Doing what you’re asking your team to do, and then some.

If you’re a consultant, find someone to follow. Find someone who inspires you and mimic what THEY do. They don’t even have to be in Thirty-One. My inspiration comes form my friend Melanie Moore who works for another Direct Sales company. But surround yourself with successful people, get to work, and drown out all the other noise. I’m successful because I don’t see problems, only SOLUTIONS.

So I hope this helps you to see how EASY it is to get a system to work your business in 20 minutes a day:

Monday: Hostess coaching

Tuesday: Booking

Wednesday: Recruiting

Thursday: Customer care

Friday: Marketing


Alright ladies!! I’m putting you to WORK!! Today we are starting a new team incentive called 31 Days to Success! Each day, Monday-Friday, I will post a challenge for you to work your business. You will basically be going right along with me and my Power Hour (working on a specific area in my business for 20 minutes a day). If you do the challenge and post what you did on the main thread, you will be entered in to win a prize. One prize per day!!
Who wants to start working their business CONSISTENTLY in order to have a great summer business line up?! You in?!
Each day, look for the posted challenge. The picture will look the same each day, but it will have the day of the week on it! EASY PEEZY



#1: I will be working on hostess coaching today. Mailing all hostess packets and happy mail.

#2: I will be messaging all May hostesses. I will remind them of closing date, ask them how their orders are coming along, and ask if they need any more catalogs or order forms. Here is an example:
Hey Dee! Just checking in on you to see how your orders are coming along. Looks like we have you set to close on the 12th. Is there anything I can do to help you? Need any more catalogs or order forms? I’ll contact you on the 12th to get everything wrapped up! You might want to send a reminder to all your friends of the closing date, let them know it’s their last chance to order 🙂

#3: I will be making up 5 hostess packets and taking a picture of them. This will be in prep for a booking post I will be working on tomorrow for the 12 weeks of summer!!!



1: I made a sheet with all 12 Weeks of Summer bundles on it. I’m posting on my customer page today:
Here it is! I’m announcing a new incentive and NEW way to party this summer! Everyone is busy is in the summer, right? How about a 7 day party? Quick, Easy, and FUN! Whether you do a home show, a catalog show, a Facebook party, or a fundraiser…we’ll leave it open for 7 days! But 31 has created these hostess bundles for EACH week of the summer! Pick which hostess bundle YOU want and let’s set a date!
These hostess bundles are set at an AMAZING price just for our hostesses! Which one is your favorite? Just $31 for YOU when you host a show!

2: I also printed 15 of these sheets and included them in my party guest packets. That way when I’m talking about booking, I can show them the bundles they get to choose from!

3: Now I want you to email this to your entire customer base to let them know about the hostess bundles. You can use the same wording that was in #1 above, and include the bundle sheet!



Ok, Wednesday homework! 20 minute Powerhour…focusing on recruiting…

  1. Post this on your main FB page, your customer page, AND…all of your FB events:
    It’s amazing how one little decision can change your life forever!
  2. I want you to upload a picture of a LIST of your opportunity requests. So this is anyone who has ever told you they were interested in the business opportunity. Or had ever checked YES on the enter my drawing slips or door prize slips. It’s so important you have a list together! We will be launching something next week. Name/address/phone/email



Thursday homework…20 minute power hour on customer care…


  1. First…I want you to go to this page and request to be added. Christina shares SO many awesome graphics to help you with your business. When you give your customer’s SOLUTIONS for our products, then you give them a reason to buy them! That’s what Christina does with many of her graphics:

  1. Post this in your customer group. You can simply mail a hand written card…:

I want to celebrate someone today! As women, we’re always taking care of everyone else. Today…I’d like you to brag on yourself. Celebrate something in the comments below (vacation coming up, kid graduating, started back to the gym, grandbaby…anything you want). And I’m going to send out some happy mail to a few lucky ladies! Just because I love you smile emoticon

  1. I want you to go through your last 5 parties. Make sure you have written THANK YOU notes to all of those guests. A thank you goes a LONG way.


go through your last 5 parties and touch base with each one of those customers. Hi Amy! It’s Melissa Fietsam, your Thirty-One consultant. I’m just checking in to make sure everything is ok with your product and you’re loving it as much as I do:) We have a 90 day return policy, so I just want to make sure everything is ok and you’re loving your product


((we will be working on marketing tomorrow))


So, happy 20 minute Power Hour ladies!!! Get to work!!! Rent is due EVERY DAY!!!


Melisa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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