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Leadership Binder. Power Hour for Leaders

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Power Hour LEADER Binder

These forms will take your TEAM to the next level.

Included in this training is a 45 minute video to teach you how to set up your binder/tabs and how to USE them!

Tracking for:

  • new consultant calls coaching calls
  • future leaders
  • leaders
  • top performers
  • happy mail
  • new consultant incentives
  • daily leadership tasks
  • monthly leadership tasks
  • Weekly leadership tasks

…and much more


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Melissa Fietsam

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Power Hour Business Binder for Direct Sales Consultants

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Power Hour Business binder for your direct sales business!

This binder is for ALL companies & all direct sales consultants.

Are you ready to take control of your business in 2018?

Order your business binder today and finally get a SYSTEM to work your business in 20 minutes a day:

  • Track Past Hostesses
  • Track current monthly hostesses
  • Track hostess coaching steps
  • Track new consultants who join your team
  • Track your fiscal year sales, parties, and recruits
  • 20 minutes of booking: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of recruiting: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of customer care: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of hostess coaching: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of social media: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • …and so much more!

Training Videos:

When you purchase these printables, you’ll be getting three training videos to teach you how to build your binder, use every sheet effectively, and ROCK YOUR BUSINESS in 2018!


Order your binder by clicking the button below. For $50, you get all 15 printable PDFs and 3 training videos with tons of tricks and tips to help you rock it!


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