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When was the last time you backed up the most important asset you own in your business, your contacts?

So many consultants have a little too much faith in their umbrella company sometimes.

Today, I’d like to challenge you to take control of this one BIG DEAL.

Why do you want to download your contacts?

Because you’re smart. Let’s start there.

Because you worked hard for those contacts.

You never know what kind of glitch could wipe out even a portion of your contacts because of some IT department error. If you lose your contacts, it’s not their fault anymore, it’s yours. Cause you were told to back them up! There’s so much data in my company’s back office. If it crashed today, or if my company shut the doors today, this is ONE THING I know I will have. And I can prepare and rebuild instantly.

Can you?

Make a folder

Make a folder for each month. Mine this month is titled January 2019. Clever, I know…

But guess what? I put everything that pertains to January in that folder:

  • scripts
  • special
  • graphics
  • holiday stuff
  • team reports

Now when I go back, I can see every January. I’m not starting from scratch.

Well, an excel file of my current month’s contacts list is now part of that folder. I’ve been saving content for 6 years, but I’ve neglected the most important part of my business, my contacts. So I wanted to make sure you’re on the right track too.

Melissa Fietsam @DierctlySocial

Prospecting for New Business: Power of 3

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Prospecting is about consistently generating new leads for your business, outside of your family and friends.

Who wants to start building business outside of your family and friends? New leads mean new business, new parties and new business partners.

So let’s start with the basics, what is a LEAD?
Lead = Contact info received (to be able to follow up with)
So, if you do not get contact information, you have not generated a lead, period.
You have no means of follow up and that potential lead is pretty must a lost cause.

So how can you start to generate real LEADS for your business?
I train to the “Power of 3” – set a goal to talk to 3 people a day about your company (product, party & opportunity) and generate a lead from them (contact info).

Once again, if you do not collect contact info, it is NOT a lead!

How the “Power of 3” Works:
1. On Sunday night, you would make up 15 marketing bags to hand out during the week (M-F).
2. These prospecting bags should include business info, mini catalog or mailer, a sample (if you offer samples) and some hard candy.
3. Tie the bag shut with raffia or curly ribbon.  Don’t skip this step, women LOOOVE this!
4.  Add a post it note on the front of each bag.
5. Take 3 bags with you each day, put them on your passenger seat and do not go home until you have handed out all 3 of them! You are going to have to actually get out of your car and talk to people! (Whaaaaat???)
6. The post it note will remind you to get their contact info.

Work the Numbers:
If you did this every day, for 5 days a week, you would generate 15 new leads a week, or 60 new leads a month. Statistics say that 3 in 10 will buy or book from you and 1 in 10 people will join your team! Is it worth you taking the time to do this every week? ABSOLUTELY! Imagine how great would that be for your business! And if you are a Leader, you can always encourage your Consultants to do the same.

My 90 Day Challenge to you!
Try this technique out for the next 90 days (basically Sept-Nov) and see what happens in your business! I guarantee it will be worth your time, but you must commit to making the prospecting bags up weekly and follow up with those you give them to within 2-3 days each time. We are only talking about 3 people a day, you can do it!

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Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial

NEW! Facebook Music Library for Videos

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You all know how much I love creating videos. For me, making a video is so much better than just typing out a post. You can see my face, hear my voice, see my body language, just like a real conversation.

So I just went in to edit a recent Facebook video I madeand WHAAAAAAT? There seems to be a new feature where you have an entire system of music tracks to add to your videos in Facebook AND Instagram. This new feature is called “Sound Collections”.

Once you agree to terms and policies, you’ll be added to this amazing library of music where you can filter by mood, genre, sounds, music, instrumental only…a complete library. It is INSANEly awesome!

I’m waiting for Facebook to take over video editing entirely. YouTube dropped it’s video editing and is working on rebuilding that, but this has left a HUGE area of gain for Facebook. Looks like they’re jumping right on that train!

This feature is, most likely, like every other feature where you will see it rolled out in waves. So don’t worry if you don’t see it yet…it’s COMING;)

Crazy cool! What do you think?





Halloween Coloring Contest for Some Fun Marketing!

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How about a Halloween coloring contest to show some love in your customer groups!

Check out what you can do in your customer groups and I’ll post links to the coloring pages in this post when I’m done! You can find the printables below so you can do the same thing!


Here is the link to the ADULT coloring sheet:!AkYgT2PVhSEHjh079cQFix6pF8hu

Here is the link to the KIDS coloring sheet:!AkYgT2PVhSEHjhyC9sV_PSGxYD-b

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Smart Marketing for your Direct Sales Business

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Do you do giveaways in your direct sales business? Did you know there’s a right way and a WRONG WAY to do them? Make sure you’re doing it right!

What is your desired outcome?

First of all, never do a giveaway without a goal behind it. Unless you just like to throw money out the window. In that instance, carry on!

You HAVE to have a goal: booking a party, recruiting, getting someone added to an opportunity event, getting people added to your customer group, getting orders…WHAT IS YOUR GOAL?

Your giveaway should have a clear outcome that you desire. Every single thing I do in my business has an intention behind it. And it must be an income producing activity. Before you post ANYTHING…think, “How is this going to benefit me?”.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t post helpful things for your customers with no intent to sell, quite the contrary. But if you’re giving away something for FREE, you better make sure you’re getting something in return! Or you’re wasting your money.

Do you have a plan?

Once you decide, okay..I want some bookings. Create a 5 step plan.

  1. I’m going to post a picture of these bags with numbers on them
  2. Tell everyone they have 24 hours to book  party, pick a bag, and win a prize
  3. Have 2 supporting posts to give REMINDER POSTS about it
  4. Hand out/mail goodies
  5. Follow up post

**Figure out what you’re going to.

**Give it a time limit. This is very important to create the urgency around the giveaway…ACT NOW

**You can’t just post something and expect everyone to see it. You have to have supporting posts. For example: After the original post, follow up with a graphic showing the hostess packets all ready to go out the door, “Look what I have ready to roll out the door. Grab yours now, ends at noon tomorrow!”. Another post could be all the prizes in the bags. And each time someone grabs a prize, post and tag them in your closed group. Give everyone the feeling of, “awe…I want one too”.

**Make sure your stuff is ready to roll out the door. Don’t make people wait.

**Make sure you have a follow up post to show all you gave away. So next time, they’ll jump when they see you post something. FOMO (fear of missing out)…it’s real folks. LOL!

What is your budget?

Make sure you know what it’s going to cost you. Know what you can afford and don’t go over.

  • Supplies
  • Shipping cost
  • Shipping supplies
  • Giveaways

How often do you do giveaways?

I like to do a giveaway every Friday in my customer group. Why? Because it creates engagement. Because it’s a tool for me to use in GETTING people to join my customer group (“join my group for weekly giveaways!”). And I can create the giveaway around whatever I’m trying to accomplish that week.

In my Facebook parties, I don’t like keeping track of 10 different parties and giveaways. You can tell them you’re doing a giveaway, they earn tickets, BUT…they actually have to join your customer group to GET the giveaways. I hold all giveaways IN my customer group. Again, income producing activities. Get them added to your GROUP for long term engagement. Otherwise, you’re giving away prizes to people who may never order or book in parties. Not smart marketing.

Follow up!

NEVER do a giveaway without follow up. How do you follow up? Ask them to TAG you on social media. When you mail something awesome to someone, add this card to it. Or a note asking them to tag you. I decided to create these postcards to put into all my mailings and hostess packets from now on. Because that’s SMART MARKETING. I got some help from Kim at Night Owl Custom Design. I can simply add their name and it asks them to tag me on social media…and…get a hashtag going for my group.


And you can check out all her awesome designs on there. I love making my own graphics. But I also know when to ask for help. And Kim is who I trust for that!

So there you go, some smart marketing tips for you!

Have you joined our Facebook group for more awesome tips?


Melissa Fietsam

Top 5 Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Business

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Creating your own images for your business is essential.

Having access to free stock photo sites is life changing. Literally. The one above is from my favorite, Gratisography. He has a very eclectic sense of humor that I love.

When I started using these sites to create my own images in Canva (a free graphic design website), I kind of fell back in love with my business.

Don’t be a Copy:

People don’t want to see stock images from your company. People don’t want to see cookie cutter images that you took zero time to invest in. And that’s what it shows. When you post a stock photo, it shows your customers you are just like every other person/consultant out there.

Facebook Jail:

How many of you have heard of Facebook jail? Not fun! Do you know why it happens? Because one person posts something and 5,000 consultants upload the same graphic and the same words. And Facebook algorithms instantly scream SPAM! Never take someone else’s post, especially without their permission, and post it as your own.


I get asked about watermarking a lot. What is it? Simply adding your information to a photo so no one else can use it. It could be your name, your website, your logo…something that identifies YOU as the creator of that graphic. Why should you do it? Because you worked hard on your design and they didn’t. You took the time out of your life, your family, your kids…and created something great in order to be a better business owner. They have zero rights to that graphic. So make sure you watermark it.

And…it will keep YOU out of Facebook jail. Because people won’t be taking your photos anymore.

Free Stock Photo Sites:

Below, I have 5 of the top free stock photo sites for you. You go there, type in what you’re looking for (dog, yellow umbrella, red phone, cell phone, desk, anything you want). And you’re instantly connected to hundreds of free photos you can download and edit as you please.

Designing Your Own Photos:

And then I hear you…saying… I don’t know how….(insert whining). Stop it! Neither did I. Just like anything else in life it takes an investment of your time. And you know what? You’re gonna SUCK at first. Just being honest here. But every single time you do one, you will get better. Every time you take 20 minutes to do them, you will learn something new.


Canva is the BEST free graphic editing site out there. Hands down. A lot of people say they can’t figure out Canva. “It’s too hard”. It’s not. I promise.  And I created a video for you. In this video, I create 5 different photos. They have free templates of graphics to help get you started, and they also have a stock library of graphics just like the sites below. Where you can grab their photos and edit away!











Happy graphic day everyone!

Melissa Fietsam

What’s the BEST Business Card for Your Direct Sales Business?

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I am STOKED about this marketing tool for my business! I love it and I want to make sure everyone knows about it.

So let me ask you, what does everyone woman carry in her purse-besides a pen? CHAPSTICK!! I have found a website that is super affordable to buy lip balms that are blank on the outside. And then you can also buy the labels for them and print your own labels with your business information!

That is TEN TIMES better than a business card! Cause no sane woman would ever throw away a lip balm, right?!

I bought pens and used them for years. But I like to be different. And this is definitely right up my alley!!

So check out my own below


Now WHAT are you going to do with these?

1. You can give them to cashiers

2. You can put them in the tubes at the bank drive through

3. You can leave them for servers

4. You can hand to ANYONE you’re having a conversation with about your business

5. Give them to your friends and family so THEY always have your business information on them! They may have your regular information…but would they know your BUSINESS information? I think I’ll give my mom some extras to hand out FOR ME!

6. Use these at your parties for prizes and giveaways. Everyone loves lip balm! And that is SO cheap for a giveaway! Heck, it’s so cheap that you could give EVERYONE at your home party at checkout!

7. These would be great for vendor events

8. Great for Nurses and Teachers week!! Pass out mini grab bags. Or any type of swag bags you were asked to donate.

9. What about Halloween?! You could make little bags for the moms!

10. How about Christmas gifts to all your hostesses for the year? Keep your information in front of them!!

11. These would be great to pass out at your kids ball games. “Hey anybody need some chapstick? I just got these in and I love them”. Oh, yeah…sly as a fox…LOL!!!!

The possibilities are truly endless.

The most important thing in your Direct Sales business is to STAND OUT in the sea of consultants in your area. It doesn’t matter how many consultants are in your area. If they’re not marketing their business in a FUN way, or not even marketing at all, people will choose to shop with YOU. And that’s a fact Jack 😉 I am constantly looking for ways to stand out. To reach new people. To make conversations easier and more fun. To get my information into more people’s hands in an effective way. So what are YOU doing?

Here is the website to order your own blank lip balms:

Round lip balm:

Regular “stick” lip balm:

Now I’m not talented enough to make those cute little labels. So Kim, from Night Owl Custom Design on Facebook, made them for me!

You can click the link below to order your own labels if you order these. They’re super affordable and totally worth it!

Here is the link for the round labels:!/Labels-Personalized-Lip-Balm-Round-labels/p/52409193

and here is the link for the tall lip balm labels –!/Labels-Personalized-Lip-Balm-Tall-Rectangular-labels/p/52409194/category=12983062

Happy Marketing ladies!!

chapstick for marketing in your direct sales business

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New Way to Share Thirty-One Bundle Pictures!

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Landing yourself in Facebook jail lately?

If you haven’t…I bet you know someone who HAS!

Facebook is cracking down. And I’ve been working hard to find a better way to share our bundle pictures…check this out:

There are actually SO many ways we can use this! I’m super excited to start exploring some ways to better use It’s going to be a game changer for me this fall. And of course, everything I do…I’ll share with all of YOU fabulous ladies!! #BetterTogether

Love you guys! Have a FANTASTIC Thursday!! Go get your ISSUU accounts set up ASAP and get familiar with it! It’s an amazing tool for your business!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Something to Chew On…

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I posted this to my team yesterday. The idea was to create a sense of “urgency” and maybe drum up some orders. A test…if you will.

So I sold $107. That’s AWESOME! I’m totally stoked about it, but it got me thinking…first, here’s what I posted to my team below:

Alright ladies! Let’s try something!! Something about the sense of urgency might just grab us a couple orders and new customers! Who’s in?? I want to KNOW if you get some orders! All we know for sure is that if we don’t ASK, we’ll never know! 🙂

1. Set up a party called “Spring Into Thirty-One” on your website
2. Post this below in your customer page! If you get $200 in orders, you got a party! If not, change to retail order! You can even message some of your besties and also post the pics in your FB hostess events!

MESSAGE IS BELOW TO MY CUSTOMER GROUP (with pictures attached)

I have a Facebook party closing TONIGHT at 9pm if anyone wants to grab some Easter baskets!! Easter is March 27th and sneaking up fast! Get these adorable baskets you can use all year long!

Here is the link to order yours! And message me if you had any questions on some more cute Easter basket ideas! I can also work up the graphics for you if you’d like to see what the product would look like with their names on them!

So, it worked. That “sense of urgency” is real.

Now, whether it was that sense of urgency, maybe I just reminded them they wanted to order by posting, maybe telling them I was closing a party made it seem like they were helping someone, I’m not sure.

But I’m going to continue to test this. And this is HOW.

Each day I go to CLOSE one of my hostesses parties, I’m going to post in my customer group:

Lisa Halow is closing her party today! If you were wanting to order, here’s a great excuse to! Here’s the link below to order, and as always, let me know if you have any questions!


  1. My hostess will love me for trying
  2. My hostess will love me even more if someone orders
  3. Others will see that I will help THEM if they host a party
  4. It will remind others that booking a show is easy…”look how many she posts about”
  5. And it’ll hopefully increase sales!

What do you think? Want to try it with me? Certainly can’t hurt, right? 😉

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Help Your Hostess and Get People Added to Your Customer Facebook Group

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Yesterday I was getting hostess packets together for a fundraiser I’m doing.

I had 35 packets. So I was trying to figure out how to help them.

I had 2 packs of fall Thirty-One postcard invitations, so I decided to slap a label on the back of them and added 5 to each packet. With fundraisers, I typically only give one catalog per packet. So I wanted them to have something to hand someone.

Now, instead of just saying, go to this website…they can hand them a postcard.

This acts as a reminder, gives them a reference, and sends them directly to my website! And they’re CHEAP!!

My goal this year is Simple/Easy/Fun…and cutting costs and make things EASY. But EFFECTIVE.

So I was thinking about my other goal this year, which is adding people to my Facebook customer group. Everything I do, I’m trying to incorporate getting them to my group.

I decided I needed postcards that did these two things TOGETHER!! **I’ll have the link below for you to get your own designed from Night Owl Custom Design! And then I uploaded my design to to order postcards!001

Check this out!! Now I can add 5 of these to every single hostess packet with the intention of:

  1. Giving my hostesses a tool to spread the word
  2. Giving guests something to go home with and refer to when she doesn’t have a catalog to give them
  3. Get my information into more people’s hands
  4. Hopefully increase sales, bookings, and recruits in the long run
  5. And direct people to my Facebook customer group

I truly believe that creating a LONG LASTING bridge with my customers on that page…will be the key to my success this year. A Sale is a dead end if you lose that connection with that person after the sale. If I get them added to my group…I can keep that relationship and keep my business in front of them…like FOREVER, right?!

So check out my new postcards!





And if you’d like to get your own designed, check out Night Owl Custom Design on Facebook here:!/Shop-With-Me-Postcards/p/59509626

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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