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Hostess Coaching… you either love it or hate it. But regardless of how you feel about it, it’s a necessity for home parties and even more important for online parties.

Did you catch that? I said it is even MORE important for online parties!

I am sure all of your companies have some type of Hostess Coaching training and script/checklist of how to coach your Hostess to hold a successful party for your particular company. But we’re going to dive into some “out of the box” ideas to really make a great first impression and even better results.

I recently did a full training on hostess coaching (which you can find here: CLICK HERE FOR FULL TRAINING), but this is one of my favorite pieces from that training.

Here’s an awesome new idea that I am doing for my online parties when it comes to Hostess Coaching:

Like I said, online parties take even more work than home shows. Sometimes we need to take an old idea, shake it up, and give it a new face and name.

It is  not an entirely new idea, it is something we used to do regularly in the party plan industry and have kinda gotten away from over the last decade since Facebook came into our lives. Melissa is about to go all OLD SCHOOL on you and take you back to doing something that WORKS!

The video below will walk you through the awesome tip that I am excited to share with you, but before you watch it, I want you to open your mind and be willing to hear and try a new idea, do not write it off as “that will never work” until you actually try it. You are reading this blog article for a reason, you want to learn to Hostess Coach better.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

This tip is out of the box, but really how out of the box is it? We used to do it with great success years ago and then I honestly believe that Facebook has made us LAZY! Lazy in how we run our business, lazy in how we Hostess Coach, lazy in how we work with our teams. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally PRO-Facebook, but I think we have lost some of the fundamentals that really move the business and give it a the personal touch. People are craving the personal touch these days and I believe that is why this tool has been so successful for me!

Hope you love the tip! And remember, this is just ONE single tip from that Hostess Coaching training we did over in the Elite Group . I would love to share the other gold nuggets with you too! You are invited to join us in the Directly Social ELITES or purchase the entire training below!

Do you love easy marketing ideas? 

Join us on Directly Social on Facebook! It’s a free group with tons of ideas to market your direct sales business:


Have an awesome month coming up and let us know what ideas work for YOU!

Melissa Fietsam,



Hostess Coaching Challenges

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Hostess Coaching is one of the most important things you can focus on in your business.

You do all this hard work to get these parties books and then many times, you don’t fail because of a script or hostess…you fail because YOU failed to do hostess coaching.

When you slack on hostess coaching:

  1. Your sales go down
  2. Your bookings go down
  3. Your recruiting goes down
  4. Your hostess experience goes down
  5. Your “repeat hostess” rate goes down

I could really go on and on…the effects of poor hostess coaching are endless.

So we’re trying something new this month. It’s a different form of the hostess coaching envelopes we’ve previously done.

Here’s the deal:

We’re going to have 5 hostess challenges. All income producing activities.

For each step they complete, they get a gift from me. It’s a very small and inexpensive gift, but COOL!

The biggest mistake you can make in hostess coaching is assuming your hostesses know what to do. They don’t.



Hostess Coaching #1:

Challenge your hostess to get $200 in orders BEFORE her party even starts.

Send her packet early and get her talking to people.

I created this post and printable to help mine get started:

CHALLENGE #1: Print this form (or just post in the comments below) your top 20 people. Message them all and let them know you’re having a 31 party that starts July 1st. And then ASK THEM if it’s ok to add them to the party! ONLY 20! That’s it!

All you need is 20 friends to join your party, interact, and have fun!

So your message might look like this:
Hey girl! I’m having a 31 party (all online). Is it okay if I add you to the party to take a look? It won’t start until July 1st but I wanted to make sure it would be ok to add you when it starts! My consultant has a pretty crazy line-up, she does things a lot different than the normal!

CHALLENGE #1: Text me a picture of your list completed or messages you sent your friends!

You can actually print this PDF by downloading it here:!AkYgT2PVhSEHjHtZMuITHkqfBTpl

Hostess Coaching #2:

This one I create in Mad Mimi, a messaging service. Mad Mimi is $10 a month. MailChimp is free. I use Mad Mimi and I created a video to show you exactly how I use it to hand my hostess a tool for Hostess Coaching #2.

She is challenged to send this text message/link to everyone she can and post on her timeline. The goal is collecting orders and getting people added to her Facebook party.

Here is my LINK:

And here is the video on how to create your own.

Hostess Coaching #3:

Challenge your hostess to go Facebook Live and ask her friends to join her party. IT WORKS! I’ve had huge success with having my hostesses do this!

Hostess Coaching #4:

Have your hostess send a message to everyone she knows with a LAST CHANCE TO ORDER:

  • Have her text message people
  • Have her post on her Facebook profile
  • Have her send people a Facebook message

Give her the words to say. Hand her a scripted message WITH A LINK to send to her friends. Make it easy and they will do it!

Hostess Coaching #5:

Book a party for 6 months from now with the new catalog.

Now you’re front loading your calendar like a BOSS.

There are MANY different things you can do with hostess coaching challenges, but these are the ones I picked for this month. I challenge you to think about what YOU need to get in your business and revolve your hostess coaching around that.

Happy Hostess Coaching!

Melissa Fietsam,

Hostess Coaching Notes with Shareable Links

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Hostess Coaching made EASY!

Check this out!

You can create a NOTE on your Facebook business page to do a series of Hostess Coaching links you can share with your hostesses.

If you would like to view my own NOTE: CLICK HERE

Here’s a video on how to create your own Facebook  NOTE:

What you want to add to your note:

  • Instructions on adding here friends to her Facebook event
  • Customer Specials
  • Hostess Specials
  • Any files she may need
  • Hostess benefits

Using OneDrive for your Hostess V.I.P. folder:

I love using OneDrive for my monthly hostess folder. It gives me a link I can share all month long with my hostesses. It saves me TIME. I can add:

  • Customer special flyer
  • Printable order form
  • PDFs of the catalogs
  • Graphics she can share

It’s all about working smarter, not harder!

When you set all these tools up for your hostess:

  • She stays informed
  • She is equipped on the go with all the tools she needs to have a successful party
  • She can easily access all information in one spot
  • YOU always have a link that is easy to share no matter where you’re at. It’s on your FB business page, so you can always grab it quickly!

Have you set up your Hostess Coaching Notes yets?

Have you joined our Facebook group for more tips just like these?


Melissa Fietsam


Hostess Coaching V.I.P. Group on Facebook

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Do you have a V.I.P. Group just for your hostesses on Facebook?

If not, you should!

What’s it for?

In this group, I add every hostess for the current month. Biggest question I get asked, is do I delete the group every month. No…why would I? I now have access to every single month for the last year and a half of hostesses. So if I want to know who had a party last June, I just go find my group. Work smarter, not harder.

What do you put in it?

  • Customer Special Videos
  • Hostess Special Video
  • Monthly Customer Special fliers
  • Printable order form
  • Digital catalog link
  • Party reward levels (so they know what they get at each level of sales)
  • Graphics they can use and share
  • Hostess exclusive items

Why do you want to do this?

Because every time you’re out and about and your hostess has a question, you can go to this group and TAG them in the post. It saves you time, it saves THEM time, it shows them you invested in them, and you have a resource later on to see who had a party in that month

Send out hostess challenges:

You can also send out a series of “pushes” for your hostesses to complete on certain days. One of the challenges I do is a Facebook Live. So I ask them all to go Live and tell their friends to join their party. And they DO! Another thing I do is send them a Google Survey link and ask them to send out to 20 friends that day. LOTS of things you can do with this. They don’t know what to do. That’s why it’s called hostess COACHING. If you’re not coaching them, they’re not going to be doing anything!


Have an update and need to message all your hostesses? Why not just put it on this group and tag them all. You can save time and get everyone the message all in one swoop. BAM! Like a BOSS!

Want this file to use so you can create your own group this month?



It really is about working smarter. It’s about learning steps to play the game a little easier and be the best consultant you can be to your customers!

Melissa Fiestam



Hostess Coaching Challenges, Get Your Hostess Working!

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My parties were going kinda slow this month, so I decided to try something new.

And guess what? IT WORKED! Because the fact of the matter is, if you’re not working…neither are your hostesses. And I’m totally guilty this month because I’ve been super busy. So what did I do?

Check out this video and then let’s talk about 3 hostess challenges you can do to:

  1. increase sales
  2. increase engagement
  3. increase your hostesses rewards. Happy hostess=happy business

Hostess Challenge #1:

Facebook Live: I have a monthly group for all of my hostesses for that month. I did a quick Facebook Live video and asked them to go live on their Facebook page. I asked them to say 3 things: 1) I’m hosting a 31 party and i want tons of FREE STUFF! 2) The customer special is the large utility tote for $10 and you need one! 3) post below if you’re interested and I can send you the information and get you added to my Facebook party. And if the hostess did…I would give her $5 off her order.

Now, I told her to tag me in the video and I would post her party link and event link for everyone once they started responding. And guess what? THEY DID! #HOLLA

Hostess Challenge #2:

Talk to 20: Today I will be messaging each of my hostesses with a specific “text” to send to 20 people. It will be a reminder of her party, link to shop, link to catalog. Super easy, super simple. Text 20 people this reminder. If she does…and snaps a pic of her messages/texts…I will add another $5 to her order.

Hostess challenge #3:

Last Chance to Order: On the 14th, I will give them a graphic and text to post on their Facebook page and grab some last minute orders. If they tag me…they get $5 off their order.

Love these tips? Follow my pages for more:


VIP Group

Facebook Page



Hostess Coaching is one the most important things you can do for your business, and often the most overlooked by consultants.

You can’t expect your hostess to know what to do. Here’s an example for you to think about:

I went to Laser Web with my kids. We all know what to do, right? DUH…pick up the laser gun and whoop your kids tail and make sure they know mom’s still the boss. But…when you go in, they separate you into 2 groups. One group grabs this color, the other group grabs another color. And you’re like…oh…they’re smart.

Then they walk you through the laser tag course and all the rules and most importantly…how to WIN.

We all know how to play laser tag. But if we didn’t get that specific “walk through” and rules of the game…it would not have worked. And more importantly…it wouldn’t have been much FUN.

So think about that. Yeah…our hostesses know how to have a party. But did you give them the tools to be successful and have FUN doing it?

Now, next month, I will be thinking this through thoroughly in order to get the ball rolling on these hostess challenges way in advance and get them possibly: selling a certain # of specials, collecting a certain amount of orders “pre-party”…let’s start brainstorming!

Happy Hostess Coaching ladies!

Melissa Fietsam

Do you SUCK at Hostess Coaching?

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I have some really great tips for all your hostess coaching this morning!

If I could say there’s one thing in your business that needs consistent work, it’s hostess coaching. You can have the best Facebook script in the world, the best party presentation under the sun…but if you’re not coaching your hostess-your party is going to FLOP!

I want to show you a few easy things you can do to get your BASELINE hostess coaching done in less than 5 minutes every single month!

STEP 1: Create a hostess group

Create a closed group on Facebook every single month for your “VIP Hostesses”.

In this group, you want to add:

  1. All of your hostesses for that month
  2. A Photo album with some photos they can share of customer specials and such.
  3. Copy of the customer special flyer
  4. Copy of the order form they can print if they run out
  5. Copy of digital catalog (that you’ve already uploaded to

And WHY would you want to have all that in a group?

How many times is your hostess at work and forgets her catalog?

How many times does she send you a message and say, “What was the customer special again?”  “What patterns does it come in?”

Stop wasting your time! And hers! Now you can immediately go to your VIP Hostess Group and tag her in that post she needs. BAM! LIKE A BOSS!

STEP 2: Create some Google Surveys

Every month, I create 3 google surveys for my team.

Hostess Coaching #1: gets sent the day she books her party

Hostess Coaching #2: gets send the day her party starts

Hostess Coaching #3: gets sent 3 days before her party ends

Here’s an example of this month’s Hostess Coaching #1:

Once these are set up, all you have to change every month is the MONTHLY SPECIAL! And our whole team has these awesome hostess coaching links they can TEXT, Facebook message, or post in the VIP Hostess Group!

STEP 3: Now schedule some posts

Now all you have to do is schedule a handful of hostess coaching tips into your group for the duration of the party! You want to give them some challenges and schedule those Google Surveys you just did!

Here’s some examples of my posts and how I scheduled them in 10 minutes, check this out:

So tell me below what YOUR favorite hostess coaching tip is?!

Melissa Fietsam


Thirty-One Hostess Coaching

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Hostess Coaching is one of the most important things you will do in your business. You can book a party all day long…but if you don’t COACH HER…she’s never going to succeed and she’ll never come BACK!

We do hostess coaching in order to increase the things WE need. And to provide this amazing customer service that she will be gushing about to her friends.

1. Hostess Coaching can do whatever you WANT it to do:
2. increase sales
3. increase recruiting
4. increase leads
5. increase bookings
6. celebrate
7. encourage
8. reward

I KNOW that you will see huge results if you focus on hostess coaching:

1. Your hostess will be telling her friends
2. Your sales will increase because your hostess is engaged
3. Your hostess will be happier because she’s informed
your hostess won’t walk around wondering where you’re at or what she’s supposed to do
4. you will get bookings because your hostess will not hesitate to share her positive experience with others
5. you can increase leads by having your hostess doing the work for you

So right now, I want you to EVALUATE your hostess coaching:


On a scale of 1-5 (5 being…I’m a hostess coaching rockstar and 1 being…I suck at it), rate where you are NOW with hostess coaching.


You should fully assess what you are doing in these categories below. Assess EACH # on how you’re achieving each step: EX: increase sales….I give her an incentive to hit certain levels of sales.

1. Hostess Coaching can do whatever you WANT it to do:
2. increase sales
3. increase recruiting
4. increase leads
5. increase bookings
6. celebrate
7. encourage
8. reward


I want you to start using a 3 step process in hostess coaching. Each month, these will update for the following month. If you are savvy and can create your own…DO IT. If not…here are 3 touch points I want you to have with your hostess and use can use these BLANK ones I created for our team:

1. THE DAY SHE BOOKS HER PARTY: You will send her a LINK in text to her cell phone AND on Facebook. We want to make sure she gets this: This will help her know what to expect from YOU and keep her 100% informed. This also holds YOU accountable to do what you said and follow up with her each Monday.

2. THE DAY HER PARTY GOES “LIVE”: You will send her a link via text to her phone AND Facebook. We want to make sure she gets this: This will give her all the tools she needs to share, the reminders to be successful, and keep her informed.

3. THREE DAYS BEFORE HER PARTY CLOSES: You will send her a link via text to her phone AND Facebook. We want to make sure she gets this: This gets her prepared, shows her the opportunity to join, and gives her the necessary steps to get a last minute “push” for orders.

How easy is that? Send a text message ever Monday with one simple link. And now she has all the tools to keep her excited.

Hostess coaching: The #1 complaint is that hostesses had no idea what was going on and there was no communication from the consultant. Don’t be that guy! A good referral is worth your weight in gold. But a bad referral will travel WAY faster and farther than a good one. Always remember that. Your hostesses are 110% worth your time. But…it doesn’t take much time at all.

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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20 Minute Power Hour for Your Thirty-One Business-HOSTESS COACHING

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Each day of the week I post a list of things our team can work on for a specific topic. This week, I’ll be posting those each day for YOU…so you and your teams can find some focus and tips also!

These are scheduled in, so it makes my job easy to help THEM.

Here is Monday, Hostess Coaching tasks:


20 Minutes a Week of HOSTESS COACHING

• Send thank you letters to all hostesses from past week
• Send your hostess the hostess portal link and password so she can fill out her guest list. Those emails
will FOREVER be in your back office. Do whatever you have to in order to get your hostess to fill out her
guest list
• Ask for your hostesses Top 3. Mail them a packet with an incentive to collect $50 in orders for your
• Send a Red Stamp reminder to your hostess for a “Last chance to order”. She can email, Fb message, FB
post, or text her friends with her party info
• Send happy mail to past hostesses
• Input any orders
• Message ALL hosts. Ask how they’re doing and if they need anything
• Message ALL hosts and let them know how much in online orders they have
• File old parties into a binder/folders…however you file those
• Fill out new hostess tracking sheets or however you track your hostess. You BETTER be tracking your
hostesses. You need all their information in ONE spot
• Make hostess packets
• Follow up with hostesses to make sure everything was okay with the product they received
• Check shipping status of party and update hostesses
• Ask your hostess for her top 5 products she wants to earn for free. Keep her engaged. I tell mine I will
show her top 5 favorites at the party. Chances are, her friends may have similar tastes.
• Send her a few tips on getting some extra orders if she’s having a hard time
• Tell your hostess if she sells 5 customer specials before a certain date, she’ll get one for free (if it’s
cheap and you think you could add it to someone else’s order). Or tell her you’ll take $5 off her order. Something to give her the goal!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Use One Drive for Your Thirty-One Hostess Documents

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I LOVE simple.

I LOVE hostess coaching.

So this week we’re going to do a series of things I’ve been working on with Hostess Coaching to make it simple, easy, fun, and INCOME PRODUCING.

The first thing is One Drive. This is a FREE file storage site run by Microsoft. SO EASY.

  1. Take a look at my APRIL VIP HOSTESS folder:
  2.  Google One Drive and set up your account.
  3.  Then make your own VIP HOSTESS folder for each month. That way YOUR hostesses have access to all the important documents they need.

And they’re gonna think you’re the BOMB.COM…cause you will be when you start taking care of your hostesses with top notch customer service.

If you have a TEAM…post this link in the pinned post of your team page for easy access for ALL OF THEM!!

Now come back this week for THREE insanely easy Hostess Coaching TEXTS that you can send to keep your hostess OVER THE TOP informed and excited. With one link. You’re gonna love this;)

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Thirty-One Hostess Coaching-TEXTING my way!

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I mentioned earlier that I’m focusing on simple~easy~fun this year. I’m really working on simplifying every step of my business.

I want to make it EASY to hostess coach.

I want it to be easily DUPLICATED for my team.

I want to make it informative.

I want to make it FUN.

I want to save money.

I want to save time.

And I want to make it effective!

I used to send post cards. But there was no interaction. No follow up. No way to connect on that. I want to start WOWing my hostesses. Every step of the way. I want them to interact and open dialogue.

Now I save time, money on postcards, money on stamps, and I actually get to interact MORE with my hostesses.

So here is my new TEXTING hostess coaching system.

TEXT #1:

This is my “so excited about your party” text. I wanted to let my hostesses know what they can expect from ME. And to give them some quick details.


TEXT #2:

This one has a different text, same concept, for either a catalog/home/fundraiser show. The idea is take the steps YOU think are most important, and let them know! I had these designs made by Kim at Night Owl Custom Design. If you want to check them all out, you can see them (and get your own if you want) right here:!/Hostess-Coaching-Postcards-UPDATED-DESIGN/p/49871227

What I love about the information on my cards, is it’s ME. It’s everything I wanted to accomplish. I was very careful and INTENTIONAL about everything on mine!

And as you will notice, there is information about the enrollment kit on every single one of them. Because recruiting is a huge focus for me!

I also think it’s very important to show your picture on everything. Let them feel like they know you! Build a RELATIONSHIP and big things will happen. Not simply with the party, but even after the party. The future. The referrals. The trust.

I want her filling out the hostess portal link because those emails are IMMEDIATELY added to my contacts in my back office and will FOREVER get my emails monthly. THAT is LONGEVITY.

I’m also asking her to participate in her Facebook party. Because it’s more successful if she does. And I ask her to personally message her friends and ask them to actually JOIN the event.

And 10 orders and a $600 show is my goal. So I will simply continue to reinforce that thought.

Last…I’m showing her AGAIN…what she gets at that $600 level.


TEXT #3:

As you can see in this bundle, there is a “flip your party” (the green card) for those hostesses I choose to send that to for recruiting purposes!


My disclaimer as always…I do not receive payment from Night Owl. I work with her because I trust her.

I utilize people like Night Owl because they save me TIME and they allow ME to look like a professional with great designs that “WOW” my hostesses. They think, “man…this girl knows what she’s doing!”.

And with these, the money I’m saving in postage and post cards and WRITING OUT postcards…is well worth it!

If you want to check out her Facebook page:

So now you have my new hostess coaching texts! 

  1. Save money

2. Save time

3. Do hostess coaching ANYWHERE…the doctors office, waiting to pick up your kids,          acting like your listening to your in laws…the list could go on and on, right?!

4. Make it look AMAZING and PROFESSIONAL

5. Keep your hostess INFORMED

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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