Created this challenge for our team. Got the original idea form the Tag Team’s Cinderella Challenge awhile back:


The Birthday Challenge!

I’m giving away FOUR direct selling books to our winners. All you have to do is participate! Each picture you snap of messages and WOOT WOOTS for orders…gets you an entry!

1. Choose 15 People to PRIVATE Facebook Message or Individually Text. These people are people who know and love you NOT RANDOM PEOPLE!

You should be able to answer YES to all of the following questions to choose these 15 people:
– Do you know this person well? YES!
– Does she know what DS business you do? YES!
– Has she ordered from you before? YES!
– Will she answer me tonight? YES!
If you have more than 15 people, GREAT! Run with it!

2. Send this message. ONLY the message! DO NOT send the picture or link to your website with this message.
“Hey girl! I’m in a contest tonight but just until midnight. Would you be willing to take a look at something for me? If so, just holler and I’ll send you the details!

3. You want her to respond with permission for you to send the picture. Give her the chance to WANT to help you! Once she gives you permission to send it, you can respond to her with the graphic and the following message:
“Thank you! Thank you! Here is the graphic! I will check back with you later tonight to see if you would like some. You ROCK! You can get any of these sets. And then when a birthday rolls around for someone, you’re set with a personal gift and no trip to the store:) And if you get the $36 one…I’ll give you an EXTRA $5 off tonight AND…you get to take advantage of the customer special if you want too!”

4. Follow up with them later this evening…and create a PARTY for this on your site. So if they want…they can go directly there to order.

**you could either take hostess benefits or let them know one person will WIN hostess benefits if you get to $200 in orders
**if you got to $200…you could use the half off and $25 hostess credit to order a couple products and offset the $5 discount you gave!
**the idea is to put an urgency to this. Only til midnight tonight!
**you can also ask if they’d mind posting on their facebook page for you to see if any of their friends want some
**you can also post the graphic on your customer page or email your entire contacts list

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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