Last month I started something new with my parties. And it’s evolved into something I’m SUPER passionate about for 2016!

Check out this quick video and then see all the details below:

Here’s the deal! Last month I wanted to integrate my hostess coaching with a CAUSE. This past year, my friend Christina Rupracht and I, worked on some special hostess coaching texts. You may have heard of the “Potato Game”. Or Melanie Moore’s “death by Chocolate” game. The idea is to text your hostess 24 hours before her party with a task.

The task was to tell everyone to bring SOMETHING to the party in order to be entered in for a giveaway.

Sometimes it was a potato, a candy bar, a cup, a purse, a canned good…whatever the reason, it was to give YOU a reason to message the hostess 24 hours before her party and tell HER to message all her friends. This gave her a REASON to text them and remind them of the party…a good and FUN excuse for her to message all her friends.

Now, in 2015, I began working with our local Children Services. I gathered up 20 bags, filled them with supplies, and they were gone in TWO WEEKS. These bags were for children who were picked up on an emergency notice to be placed into a temporary home or foster care because of a critical situation. These children often leave their homes with no belongings, or carrying their belongings in a trash bag.  It truly breaks my heart.

I have 5 children. I cannot imagine the horror of that child’s world crumbling beneath them. By giving them a bag filled with crayons, and coloring books, and stickers, and pencils, and a toothbrush, and so on…it was something to call their own. Something to take their mind off their situation for ONE second. Something to let them know that someone out there in this world CARES. And I had to do more.

I am not brave enough, sadly, to bring another child into my home. Which is probably a good thing because I would take them ALL. But this is what I CAN do.

From this point on, every single Thirty-One party I host…will have a mission. I will text my hostesses this graphic 24 hours before their show.


Anyone who brings bags for KIDS…will be donated to our local children services. I will either use a portion of my commission to fill the bags, or I will do a few home parties dedicated to collecting those items to FILL the bags also. EX: Anyone who brings a pack of crayons, a coloring book, or a packaged toothbrush will be entered in to win a free prize. This can be run completely ZERO out of pocket. Where there is a will, there is a way.

So WHY do I want to do this?

1- Because it is what i love about this company. I’ve always given back. I was brought up to give back. But this company allows me to do that and bring others along with me in that journey. Thirty-One truly allows me to be a vessel for others to accompany me in my mission to giving back to my OWN community. I believe with all my heart that one person can truly make a difference. But together…we are better. We are stronger. And we can make an IMPACT when we work together with a common goal.

Strip away titles, and teams, and everything that separates us. Heck, I don’t even care if you’re with another COMPANY! Work for Mary Kay? Or Origami Owl? Or Pampered Chef? Or Scentsy? Do this WITH ME! 

2- The second reason I want to do this, is it’s forcing me to do what I should already be doing! Hostess coaching! I am texting my hostess with an EASY graphic that she can message to all her friends. This graphic

1) reminds her friends of the party

2) makes it FUN and gives her an EXCUSE to message them

3) offers a GIFT for participating in the fun

4) takes the pressure off your hostess when it comes to reminding her friends of the party

So who is with me? Who wants to make an impact in 2016?

I sat here trying to come up with some original and fun and crazy name that we could all hashtag.

But it quickly dawned on me. We don’t need something different. We need to mainstream it. We need to take the #payitforward2016 and show the world what we can do. Show the power in numbers. Show the power of GOOD that we can do with our Thirty-One business.

The average “guest spend” in 2015 was $85.16.

Holy cow that’s awesome!! What if you added ONE guest, per party, to every single party? Just by sending this graphic and giving your hostess an easy way to remind her friends?

Let’s say you average 2 parties a month.

That’s $85.16 per party.

Which is $170.32 per MONTH more in sales.

Which is $2,044 per YEAR more in sales.

But I wonder if you’ll get one? Or maybe two more? Or three?

I wonder if you’ll book a party off of one of those special guests who wouldn’t have come without the reminder?

I wonder how much more in income those extras parties will equate to?

Hmmmm…I wonder if one those guests will join your team?

I wonder how much more money THAT would equal?

All I do know…is that if you don’t TRY…absolutely NOTHING will happen.

So let’s set a goal to do something GREAT.

Sharing this opportunity at your party:

What an AMAZING testament to Thirty-One and your OWN business to be able to share this at your parties. When I talk about all the bags we’ve donated to our Children Services…or I talk about how many bags we’ve donated to women’s shelter’s…that’s powerful. That will give you something to shout about. That will INSPIRE the people at your party that they can JOIN you. And they too, can make a difference.

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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