I wanted to make sure my new consultants had a SIMPLE way to understand all the benefits of joining Thirty-One right now! The rewards for becoming a Thirty-One consultant have never been better and I’m SO excited to share this with them! Take a peek below:

And for anyone who would like to share this graphic with their new consultants, here’s the graphic to steal. With love, from yours truly, Melissa Fietsam. We’re in this together! And I hope this blesses someone who needs it!


So to break it completely down for you…

STEP 1: Get your gorgeous new kit for $99. It comes with over $400 in product and includes all your catalogs, mini catalogs, and order forms. And much more!

STEP 2: Set your launch party and get your start swell kits for FREE! You can earn up to FOUR free kits!

STEP 3: Watch all that cash come rolling into your bank account with all those parties!

recruit flier

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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