2 Questions in Direct Sales That are Sure to Start a Debate

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2 questions that are sure to start a debate in Direct Sales:


  1. What do you think about “kit nippers”?
  2. Do you help your new consultants with their launch parties?


Like everyone else, I’m pretty passionate about the answers to these questions.


So what do I think about kit nappers?

I think God is my judge. I think God put the tools in front of me to be a soldier for Him. And my mission is to spread this amazing opportunity to as many women as I can. And to not JUDGE who should join and who should not join.

When I joined this company I was very clear that I just wanted the products in the kit. Had someone looked at me that day and said…”You know what, I really don’t think Thirty-One is a good fit for you”…I would have walked away from the best thing that ever happened to me. I would have thrown away the best thing to bless my family. I would have thrown away so many priceless opportunities and friendships.

You see, God opens doors for you. But he can’t make you walk through them. I believe in fate. And I believe that every situation prepares you for the next. When I have a conversation with someone about the opportunity, I know I am opening doors for that person. I am opening doors for their family, their friends, their communities. So who am I to judge that person and say, no…You don’t belong here.

One of the reasons people discourage kit nappers is because they say “It kills a chain of parties”. So you have a hostess and she signs up and you lose all her parties. ok. Then you have Vanessa Taylor (my dear friend and fellow director) who was my hostess. Signed up just to get the kit and will now be sitting beachside with me in Mexico for an all expenses paid vacation. All because of a kit she “stole”. Vanessa is a blessing to my life. And I can’t imagine not having her in it. I can’t imagine her not being a part of Thirty-One. And I’m sure she can’t either. Good thing I didn’t try and judge her, hunh?

Let’s take Missy Nelson. Stated up front, I have no intention of selling. Guess who is holding one of the highest positions in the entire company? Made PAC (presidential Advisory Council) not even 2 years after enrolling. 3rd highest recruiter in the company. Good thing I didn’t judge her, hunh?

And all those parties I “killed” by recruiting my hostesses…I doubled my sales last year. Didn’t seem to hurt me:

melissa's stats

And you know what? I more than double my recruits, my team, my team sales…AND…our team hit MILLION DOLLAR TEAM. Doesn’t seem to be treating me too bad by not judging and helping some kit nappers.

And you know what? $45,000 may not seem like a lot of sales to some of the high rollers in this company. But it’s about all I can handle. I have 5 kids. And a husband. And a life. And I’m not willing to sacrifice time for personal volume. I would rather RECRUIT and get the same paycheck or MORE. My paychecks have been increasing every year since I started this company, substantially. Not hurting over here!

So that’s my two cents on kit nappers. I don’t judge people. My mom taught me better than that;)

So the next hot topic is do you help your new consultants host their launch parties?

YES. I most certainly do. And maybe that’s why I don’t mind limiting my home shows to 7 a month. That’s my limit. I cannot physically do more than that with my family’s schedule. BUT…I also launch parties.  If they are local to me, I go their launch party and I do the presentation for them. Why? Because I don’t want their first experience with this company to be a bad and stressful one. It’s their own party. They’re worried about food, who’s going to show up, who’s texting now, am I doing this right, oh…and how the heck am I supposed to be a consultant? No thank you. If it is within my power, my butt will be there front and center. And handing her an outline that I hold during my OWN presentations and saying, “watch how easy this is”.

And it WORKS. Why?

Because I’m the expert. And I get the bookings for her to help her get started. She gets to see a party presentation and I help her get bookings. Now the nay sayers will say…she can come to one of YOUR parties. That way you’re not “wasting your time”. I’m sorry, but time with a new consultant is never wasted time. And if they follow me at one of my parties, how does that help get them solid bookings on the calendar? I can do that for them. That is an investment that is well worth my time. And it financially has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my business.

From a good friend of mine, Melanie Moore…

“You know why women say…yeah, I don’t want to sell it, I just want the kit. Because they don’t believe in themselves. Because they don’t believe that they can enroll and be successful. And “when they fail”, they can say, yeah, I just signed up for the kit.”

But when you treat every new consultant the same…you see magical things happening. You see all those kit nappers doing trainings, participating in events, chiming in on team pages. From the book Creating Magic: “You know when you were a little kid and you were playing tag and you eventually would start to make noise…You know why? Because eventually, everyone just wants to be found”. Think about that. REALLY think about that. YOU create the magic and the environment to spread this opportunity and make them believe in themselves. Because there are so many women out there who could use a little more Thirty-One in their life.

And that is my 2 cents on that;)

I will also say, that I respect people’s decisions to disagree. But I want you to know that you can have a million dollar team, and double your PV, and double your recruits, and manage your time…even when you fully support those kit nappers.

The key is to have systems and trainings in place for those new consultants. That way everyone gets treated the same. Everyone gets the same opportunity. Everyone is equal. Sounds a little like equal opportunity employment right? No judging coming from my corner. You may just want the kit, but I’m going to show you a community that you won’t want to leave 😉

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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3 thoughts on “2 Questions in Direct Sales That are Sure to Start a Debate

    Rachael Julson said:
    August 12, 2015 at 10:08 am

    Best read of my day! Valuable insight. Thank you!

    Kelly Ripley said:
    August 12, 2015 at 10:20 am

    All I have to say is AMEN, fully agree with you 100% on both of these points! 🙂

    Kim Williman said:
    August 12, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Have I ever told you just how much I <3 you???? I love what you stand for, and I'm not EVEN IN direct sales! LOL!

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