Learn how I am using my Thirty-One Direct Sales business to do something great for my community.

Direct Sales isn’t just a business. It’s a life style. And you can use your business to make an impact in people’s lives, in your community, and around the country. See just one way that our team is using our Thirty-One business to create a wave of giving back across the country.

This month, we’re focusing on our local Children’s Services. Many of these children have nothing but the clothes on their backs when they’re picked up for placement into a home. My mission is to spread a wave of donations all over the country to local Children Services locations. So if you would like to join us on our mission, here are some details below:


Here is a video I made for my team explaining the donations:


You are going to use this EXACT post below (with the picture attached, I have one for our local ladies and a blank one for everyone else to edit), to post on your main Facebook page and your customer groups. You can also email this to your customer base and friends. I got quite a few sponsored that way! Please note, you cannot alter this post in any way other than location or “cause”.  You cannot mention 31 or add a link to your website!

Alright friends and family! I have something really great that I’m working on! I want to sponsor 31 comfort bags to Butler County Children’s Services next month. And I need your help! One of my many goals this year is to GIVE BACK. And this is our next endeavor!

Each and every bag will be given to a child when they are picked up by Butler County Children’s Services for placement into a home. We’ve have permission to team up with them to give these children, who often leave with just the clothes on their back, something to take their minds off the current situation; even if just for a moment. Your $20 donation will provide a thermal tote that will be filled with items for them! I know we can pull this off together and bless some children during a time when they could sure use a blessing!

Here is how it works: You can sponsor as many bags as you would like for $20 each. I will use ALL of my commission that is made on the bags to fill them with things like tooth-brush/tooth paste, fuzzy socks, small blankets, travel games, tissues, journal and pen, coloring books and crayons, etc. If you would like to sponsor a bag, you can comment below with “I want to sponsor ___ bags!” I will follow up with you via private message!

I also have a digital order form you can print and collect donations on your own! You can collect orders at your work, your church, your friends and family…anything you want!




Here is a letter you can hand to local business owners when asking for donations. You can ask for donations of items to go in the bag, as well as donations to sponsor a bag. If you would like a copy of this file, you can visit the Melissa’s Shared Files tab on this page:

Donation letter to business-BCCS-jpg


Bridgett Edwards and I, also created an order form for this event. I want to encourage my friends, family, and customers to HELP on my mission. So they can print this form and collect donations from their work. Again, this file is available under Melissa’s Shared Files tab at the top of this page:

order form-personal


When someone says they will sponsor a bag, you can send a simple message like this:

Hi Beth!!

Thank you so much for being a part of the Butler County comfort bag sponsorship for 2015!!

You can pay the $20 per bag via credit card or mail me a personal check. If you are writing a personal check, write it out to me and mail to: 517 Gorham Drive, Hamilton, OH 45013

I plan to submit the order by July 10th! Thanks again! I really appreciate it!! You have no idea how much this means to me!!

If you would like to see if anyone at your work or friends/family wants to donate too, you can print this form and collect some more if you’d like: ((give link to file))

So thankful!! Melissa

This truly is about using your Direct Sales business to:

1. Make an impact in your community:

~Why not? Why not use your business to do something good and help others around you. There is nothing more rewarding than charity work. The feeling you get from helping the less fortunate is a force to be reckoned with. It just feels GOOD.

2. Get your name out in the community:

~While you’re doing all of this, you’re building relationships. You could always sit on the couch watching re-runs of Days of Our Lives, OR…you could get out in the community, meet some new groups of people, build relationships, and light a fire in your business!

3. Involve others:

~We are better together. My friend Beth Payne has printed the flier and collected 11 orders in less than a week from her co-workers. That is what I’m talking about when I say…give people a chance. If you don’t ask them, you’ll never know. Most people would LOVE to do charity work. But they don’t know HOW! When YOU become the vessel for others around you to give back…you will see CRYSTAL CLEAR that one person really can change the world. It’s a domino effect. And YOU are the catalyst.

4. Represent your company:

~Show others what your company is about. That this is FUN. That we make our own rules. And even more, we love to test limits. This can be a huge booking and recruiting tool for your own business, if you shine your light so bright they can’t help but SEE you. They will see your work and the environment you are creating in your direct sales business, and they’ll want to be a part of it.

I hope this helps spark some ideas in your own company. You don’t have to be with Thirty-One. You could be with Mary Kay, Posh, Scentsy…it doesn’t matter. Take this idea and spin something for your own direct sales company. Together we really can make a difference!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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