Right now I’m working on some quarterly planning for my Thirty-One business this fall. I saw a really great idea from a Pampered Chef consultant about a “kids chef night”, something to that effect. So it got me thinking up some really great plans for this fall with my own Thirty-One business.

So the plan will be…

I’m going to rent a hall and invite my team to invite their own guests. One big P A R T Y!

1. Halloween Party:

$20 to attend. There are games and give a ways. And all consultants will contribute. The $20 covers the purchase of a cinch sac or littles carry all that they will decorate with glow in the dark markers/paint. Plus it covers some light snacks and just a fun family day. Kind of a “party with a purpose”.

fb happy halloween

2. Thanksgiving:

I’m thinking about Care Packages for soldiers. So maybe doing a military theme. They purchase a zipper pouch. I use my commission to buy supplies to fill them and send to the soldiers. They can have a station where they write letters to the soldiers too. And they will go down a line of goodies and fill their own bags for the soldiers.

turkey scales

3. Santa’s Workshop:

This one will be FUN! We will do an assortment of gift ideas. Might do $15 entry for each gift. They can purchase Littles Carry Alls, zipper pouches, etc. We will have stations set up to do other crafts/games, have Christmas music, and make some personal gifts for their family members with our own products.

Christmas $5 off   sharpie

So what’s the deal?

1. they pay a cover fee for the event, which is really just buying the product they’re going to use.

2. I use the commission to buy supplies in bulk and get them really cheap.

3. I have a fun day with all my consultants, my kids, and their kids.

4. I just use my business to be a positive PRESENCE in my customers lives.

5. AND…I put all the cover fees in as a party (cause I’m buying products). We will collect money for these parties well in advance so we have plenty of time to order them and have them in for the holidays.

It’s a WIN/WIN.

And I happen to know a school that might love to host this 🙂

Just wanted to plant some seeds in your head. The holiday time is quickly approaching. And if you’re not planning your Direct Sales business RIGHT NOW, for the fall…you will miss out on some great opportunities.

Start googling, start looking on Pinterest. Create some boards on Pinterest to gather ideas. You can have a lot of fun with this, increase your sales, increase your awareness in your own community that YOU are the go to lady, create an amazing team atmosphere, and just have some FUN with your business!

I know it’s JUNE…but you NEED to be planning your fall ladies!! At least get some boards created and ideas churning! More on quarterly planning in your Direct Sales business to come!



Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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