I have found the wonderful world of OneDrive. This is a Microsoft Corporation site that allows you to upload files into folders.

What’s so great about that? Oh my gosh! I thought you’d never ASK!! 🙂

Hostess coaching has become a passion of mine over the last year. I’ve really been working hard on communication, intentional hostess coaching, and really just equipping my hostess with everything they need.

In Direct Sales, the #1 complaint from hostesses is lack of communication. So… “don’t be that guy” alright?

How many times do you get a message from your hostess asking:

1. I ran out of order forms (hopefully more than not, right?)

2. What was the customer special again?

3. What do I get for hosting this shindig again?

NOW…I have created a folder in OneDrive called My Fabulous June Hostesses. I can upload ANYTHING I want to this folder!! Which means:

1. outside order forms she can print

2. customer special flier

3. might want to throw in a recruiting flier 😉

4. and hostess rewards flier

All I have to do is share the LINK for that folder and my hostess has access to anything she needs. Anytime. Anywhere. BAM!

Now before you get all giddy and upload half your Dropbox files…half your catalog…and your kitchen sink…STOP!

Think about what you’re putting in there. I would not put over 5 documents or pictures. If it is overwhelming, she will not use it. Make it SO SIMPLE, that it’s a breath of fresh air…it calms her…not SCARES her!

So would you like to see my June Hostess Coaching folder so you can SEE for yourself what kind of awesomeness I’m talking about here? Check it out! And then go make your own!


Our hostesses are truly the heart of our business in Direct Sales. Make sure you’re taking care of yours!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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