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Say WHAT? I know…you’re thinking Melissa’s off her rocker again. Well, she is…but hey! Did you know this is the start of Thirty-One’s fiscal year? TODAY! It’s time to hit the reset button, time to jumpstart your Thirty-One business, time to set goals, time to assess the last fiscal year, and time to kick some TAIL in the next one!

Check out this video!

And here’s my own personal achievements in the past year, this is how much my OWN business grew!

melissa's stats

And why on Earth am I showing you my stats?

1. Because I’m proud of them. Because I worked very hard to earn those stats and I earned the right to BE proud!

2. Because I want YOU to see that your Director…works her tail off. For myself, for my family, and for YOU.

3. Because I want you to see that all the things I do…WORK! Ok, not all of them. But A LOT of them…LOL! Being slightly (or highly) abnormal, it works!

And working with passion and consistency…it pays off.

4. Because I want to INSPIRE you. One decision changed my business FOREVER! I made a goal for one brand new hostess a month. And boy did I create an avalanche.  Today is a NEW YEAR! The first day of the new year, and I want YOU to follow in my footsteps. Each and every one of you can have my results if you work hard enough. Heck! I’m not even CLOSE to the top sellers and partiers in this company or ANY company! But you know what…I don’t have to be. I beat my best. I moved forward. I created MOMENTUM in my business. And I will be blazing trails from this day forward! But I want all my friends beside me.

Because no matter where you are at in your business…the only thing that matters is what you do TODAY. And TOMORROW. And the NEXT DAY. The past is the past. It’s time to build your FUTURE!

So take a moment to REALLY think about the fact that TODAY…today is a new start.

I want you to physically HIT the RESET button below! Go ahead! Hit the button!!

Red Reset button


Now write your goals, write your WHY, and move some mountains with me this year!

Happy New Year Ladies!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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