Ya’ll ready to see Melissa’s Thirty-One hostess packets? Everything has a REASON. I like to keep things very simple and sweet! These are older pictures. But same concept! I have a new flier for my Hostess Tips and Tricks, the first one in there, I’ll upload as soon as my stickers for it come in 🙂


I use these very simple poly folders. I wait until I find them for 50 cents at Walmart. I just made a simple label to go on the front.

Here’s my label you can download and print on 2×4 address labels and all files from the “Melissa’s Shared Documents” tab at the top of this page.


First pocket, I put Enter My Drawing Slips and a catalog. The first sleeve, I have my hostess sheet/tips. That’s not my flier, someone shared that with me and I wish I could remember who to give them credit!



Next sleeve I have my Customer specials flier and how to order guide. The how to order guide I borrowed from another SED and it’s not mine to share. But it’s out there floating around everywhere!



Next, I have the recruiting flier and the Personalization Suggestions. You can find the personalization page in my documents tab also.



That’s just the rest of the personalization page…


And then we have the 40 guests in 40 minutes and order forms in the last pocket. I usually put 5 order forms. You can find the 40 guests in 40 minutes in my shared documents page.


Hope this visual helps to see what I use for my hostess packets. Very simple!

Happy Hostess Coaching!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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