I am going to be posting a series of games to spice up my Facebook events for my hostesses. I’m posting this picture:

cup game

With this post below:


So everyone has that ONE cup…

That one when you open your cabinet and push all the others aside…and find out it’s in there…it almost has a halo around it and angels start singing in your head, right? (And if you’re like me…you talk to it. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re there”. LOL)

The one that if someone broke it, you would probably bury it with their body, right?

So, I want you to go to your kitchen and take a picture or video of your cup and upload it into the comments here. Doesn’t matter what kind of cup…but you will earn points for certain aspects of this cup. Tomorrow morning, I will post the point system. You’ll add up your points according to your favorite cup you posted a picture of…and someone wins a prize!! There are at least 15 ways you can earn points. So let’s see those pictures!

I will tell you…you get 10 points for a video with you SLURPING from your cup…just sayin’ 🙂

The point system is based off the same theory as the Death by Chocolate post from the other day (just scroll down and you’ll see it). So they’ll get points for coffee cup, from store, from home, more than 5 years old, 10 points for video slurping, tervis cup, solo cup, etc. Just pick some funny things. When I get the point system I’ll update this post. But HOW FUN?! Incorporating this into FB events to wake them up:)

Here’s the Point System I came up with:


1 point: if it’s a coffee mug

1 point: if it has stains on it

2 points: if there’s a crack or chip in it

2 points: if there’s a picture of your family on it

3 points: if it’s a Tervis or insulated cup

3 points: if it’s at least 5 years old

4 points: if it was a gift

4 points: if you got it on vacation

5 points: if you stole it from someone…LOL

5 points: if it has a LID on it

8 points: if you book a catalog party in the next 30 days

8 points: if you book a Facebook party in the next 30 days

10 points: if you book a fundraiser in the next 30 days

10 points: if you posted a video of you slurping out of your cup (you can still do this!!)

10 points: if you’re in the picture WITH your cup 🙂

15 points: If you say you want to book a home party in the next 30 days


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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