Tracking Mileage for Direct Sales consultants

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Okay, everyone NEEDS this app! Download this app on your phone ASAP! I discovered this at our Leadership Council a couple weeks ago.

This has a GPS tracking system. When you drive, its tracks, when you stop driving-it tracks. You don’t have to put in start and stop #’s. It does it for you! You can go back in later and swipe whether the drive was personal or business. AND…you can also add notes to the GPS locations. So I can put in, post office/hostesses addresses/Dollar Tree/Walmart/Staples…all those frequent places so it’s easier for me to see where I went!

AND…it will email your list to you whenever you want. So you can have your mileage sent to you once a month to print and put in your tax binder. Seriously, it is AMAZING!! It is a must have for anyone in direct sales or running your own business! GENIUS!

Check it out here and look for this app on your phone:



Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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