Happy Mail Stickers for Direct Sales Consultants

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So everyone knows how much I love Happy Mail. I had a stamp made for most of my Happy Mail and envelopes. But there are certain items I mail that I can’t stamp. So of course, I wanted an image that I could print on round circles. So my friend Nichole Powell hooked me up!

You can order your own image by following the links at the bottom!

Now what would you use these for?

1. Mail to your hostesses

2. Mail to your team members

3. New catalog mailings

4. Mini catalog mailings

5. Invitations for your hostesses

6. Gifts for celebrating your team

7. Post cards…and MUCH more! The possibilities are endless!

Here is a picture of my image and some stickers I printed from home. SO. MUCH. FUN! Ordering information is below!

happy mail sticker1happy mail (2)

To order your own for just $10, contact:

Nichole Powell


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