Fundraising Facts with Thirty-One

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All the answers you ever wanted to know about a Fundraiser with ME and Thirty-one:


**How do you earn money for your group?

Earning money with a Thirty-One fundraiser is SO easy! There are a few different ways we can set it up, but you will earn 30% of ALL SALES. That’s HUGE! I’ll go over the different ways we can set that up below.

**What kind of groups can I help?

People have all different reasons for wanting to earn money for their group. I can help absolutely ANYONE!

Baseball teams

Church groups

Missionary Groups

School Trips

Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts troops

Non-profit organizations


Teachers for classroom supplies

A family or friend with a specific illness or medical need

Relay for Life

Breast Cancer Awareness (I would donate to your specific fund or research)

Football teams

Dance teams

Cheer teams

Gymnastics teams

Softball teams

Volleyball teams

Show Choirs

**What can I do to help you spread the word about your fundraiser?

You will have tons of packets to carry around.

We will have a link to your event on my main Thirty-One website that you can send friends and family to order online.

I can mail packets to individual people to help you collect orders.

You will also have a Facebook event (that I set up) where you can add all your friends and family.

**Can people earn prizes?

I LOVE to give away prizes for top sellers.  So if a group of people are collecting orders, top sellers will get prizes!

**Do you have to be local to do a fundraiser?

No. You can live halfway across the country and we can still make this a success for you and your group! I just closed an $800 fundraiser to someone whom I never saw once. I mailed packets and we communicated over the phone and email! We can accomplish some pretty amazing things with technology!

**What types of fundraisers can you do?

There are so many different ways we can hold your fundraiser.

1. We can do groups…where each parent takes a hostess packet and collects orders. Some people like to keep their own earnings, and some like one big lump sum to go to the whole team. Completely up to YOU!

2. We can also do raffle tickets. I purchase raffle tickets, you agree to sell a certain amount, usually each person agrees to sell 10, and then we raffle off $250 in FREE Thirty-One product.

3. We can also do a very specific fundraiser with just a set amount of products (usually 4-5).

4. We can do a home show where I come out and set up and do a short presentation. And there’s always prizes and give a ways!

5. We can do a complete ONLINE fundraiser

6. Or I can set up at your church or your event and collect orders so people can see the product.

**Any way we decide to do it, it is sure to be successful with the two of us working together!

If you are interested in hosting your own fundraiser, fill out the survey below:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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