These 2 chics are crazy!

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I’m introducing a new segment called Brain Swap! My friend Melanie Moore is just as crazy as I am. Her big brain and big ideas motivate me, keep me focused, and help spark my imagination. And I LOVE it and I LOVE her! So I’m going to be introducing her to all of you very soon! Along with some very exciting news 🙂


But these segments will be direct sales tid bits  and tips from our lunch dates. Once a month, Melanie and I meet for lunch and brainstorm idea after idea on how to run our business. We share everything with each other to help our own business, our kids, our lives, and our teams. She’s my side kick! And we have some VERY exciting news coming up that I can’t wait to share with everyone!!

So…tip #1…has absolutely nothing to do with direct sales. It’s just plain FUN!

Melanie taught me about something called Geocaching.  If you want something fun and cheap to do with the kids this summer, this is the coolest thing EVER! There is literally a treasure hunt in your back yard and you didn’t even know it! You download this FREE app and it shows you where hidden boxes are, all over the United States.  You use the GPS on the app to find the hidden “box” and hints on where to find it. This was our very first one we did. My kids are 11,13,15, and then i have 2 babies (19 months and 5 months). And my big kids had a blast with it! You can literally do this ANYWHERE you go! Now every time we get in the car…my kids ask if we can do it! It’s a great way to spend some quality time together, without costing a penny, and just building memories together. I am SO thankful Melanie showed this to me! When you find the box, you mark it FOUND on your app. You can also pay for a premium app with them and find even MORE boxes!


I’m still in awe that there are little boxes hidden everywhere around me…I have to find them ALL….lol!!!

There is an app for your phone that you can download called Geocach and this is what it looks like:


Picture file source:


Check out this website for a Geocach 101 Guide:

Geocach Website


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    Melanie (mom of 4 girls) said:
    June 24, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    Together we ROCK!!!!! 🙂 When we get our brains together — look out!!

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