Customer Care for Direct Sales: Facebook Style

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There are so many ways you can effectively use Customer Care and Hostess Coaching to boost your customer outreach on Facebook!

In the coming months I will go over all the ways you can turn Facebook into a social media “pond” of new customers for your business.

This is one of my newest, and favorite ways, to reach out to my Thirty-One Customers:



I post this picture directly on my customer’s pages on Facebook when their order has shipped. What does this do?

1. Provides great customer service by keeping them in the “know” about their order

2. Keeps them excited about their product

3. And it “tags” them on Facebook. Every one of their friends sees the post, and knows they know a Thirty-One consultant.  So the next time they need something, maybe they’ll ask them who their consultant is!

What kind of things do you do on Facebook to help increase your customer outreach?

~Melissa Fietsam

Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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