10 Easy Instagram Grids and Layouts

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10 grid layouts to inspire your next Instagram project.

These people have nailed the art of a picture perfect Instagram feed. Instagram is all about the feels. So here’s some grids and layouts to get your wheels turning.

And you can click on any of these graphics to go to their profiles and follow their accounts for more inspiration:

1. Color Blast

What’s really fun is turning this grid into a “rainbow” effect. I’ll post that one next. But essentially, the next 9 photos would be a new color. Some do this by row, and some do it by a full feed view. Either way, it’s gorgeous.

How: 9 graphics of the same color, every graphic is full of one particular color.

2. Rainbow Bright

This is the rainbow effect by rows. It’s SO eye catching and I’m completely mesmerized by these kinds of feeds.

How: 3 graphics in a row of a certain color

3. Walking the line

Here you have straight lines to capture someone’s attention immediately. This particular feed is black and white but you could certainly use any color combination!

How: 2 white, 2 color

4. Pretty Palette

This is a great example of how you can use an entire color palette and branding on your Instagram. You can search “blue color palettes” (or whatever tones) and come up with hex codes to create this look for yourself. I use Canva for all my graphic designs.

How: select a palette and every other photo will be a color block. Solid, graphic, solid, graphic.

5. Line by Line

This is great. It gives the eyes a place to rest. The solid line, every other line is a great accent and really high lights the photos you want them to see.

How: 3 solids and 3 graphics, 3 solids and 3 graphics

6. Filter Frenzy

This is a particular tone or filter added to each block. I love how you can change the whole feel by applying a filter!

How: Use the same filter for every photo.

I found some great filter apps for you: VSCO, Snapseed, Retrica, Polarr, and Rookie Cam will get you a good start. And of course, Instagram has some filters for you too.

7. Square Dance

This is pretty easy, very organized, and really draws attention to the content you want them to focus on, your graphics.

How: graphic, solid, graphic, solid

8. Puzzled

This is a lot of fun to simply look at! It’s Instagram art, at it’s best. You take a group of pictures and break them into posts that all go together; like pieces of a puzzle.

How: Use an app like Grids-Giant Square Maker that will help you break up your photos to fit into a grid-like puzzle. There’s many other ways, but I’m not talented enough to go into photo shop and all those other avenues. So find an app!

9. Straight Talk

This simple line effect is simple, catches the eye, and doesn’t require a ton of detail. There’s also lots of combinations of this. A line down the middle, one line on the end, or one line of color block down the middle.


photo 1: solid, solid, graphic

photo 2: solid, graphic, graphic


10. Border Bandits

Playing with border sizes for your feed can be a lot of fun and eye catching too! Sometimes they use the same sizes, sometimes they mix them up! You can use graphic design sites and apps like Canva to achieve these borders easily!


And if you’d like to brush up on your Instagram training, check thees out:











Top 10 Things to Give Away as Prizes in your Business

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We all run contests in our businesses. No matter what social media platform you’re playing on, here’s your TOP 10 List of Prizes that will benefit YOU & your CUSTOMERS.

Make no mistake about it, there are good prizes and bad prizes.

First let’s talk about the difference between good giveaways and bad giveaways.

A good giveaway will always benefit your business. We don’t just give things away for nothing. That is bad. And a waste of money. And I like my money.

Think about your goal for the giveaway.

  • What’s your goal?
  • What is the value of the giveaway?
  • What is the start and end date?
  • What actionable things do they have to DO in order to be entered in to win?
  • Who is our niche?
  • What is your theme?
  • Where do you post it?
  • What were the results?

Now the most frequently asked question I get in my business is “BUT…WHAT DO YOU GIVE AWAY?

So I’ve come up with a list of the top 10 things to giveaway for ANY giveaway. And most importantly, why.

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Free Stuff:

Do you have product from your business that you get for free? Here’s a thought:

  1. Get a new product line
  2. Make a video and graphics so you have the info to share
  3. Then do a giveaway and let your customer do the talking for you.

$1 Items:

I cannot tell you how much I love the Dollar Tree. In fact, here’s a board full of ideas I’ve used for giveaways on Pinterest from the Dollar Tree: click here

Wendy’s Ice Cream Key Tags: They go on sale a couple times a year for $1. They’re the BEST giveaways ever! Buy’m up!

Lottery Tickets: with a note that says it’s your lucky day!


I’m guessing you have a closet full of product that’s not doing you a damn bit of good. Is it making you money sitting in your closet?

Holiday Stuff:

For instance, right now it’s Valentine’s Day everywhere. There’s enough pink to actually make me nauseous. So go to Target dollar bins or the Dollar Tree and get something stupid and PINK for cheap…slap a sticker on it, and mail some love to your peeps. Every holiday has aisles and aisles of FUN little things that are holiday themed and CHEAP.

Sneak Peeks:

Here’s a thought. Every now and then, make your customers WORK to see something new. Like this post and tell me your favorite product and I will message you back a pic of the new line launching next month. Now why on earth would you do that Melissa? Oh, I don’t know…maybe to start some actual CONVERSATIONS with my customers and not cost me a PENNY.

Random Items:

Some of the biggest giveaways I’ve done have had nothing to do with my business at all.

  • A copy of a book I loved
  • A gift certificate to Teachers pay Teachers website
  • A planner

…nothing says you can’t be smart and reach new customers with a specific niche giveaway.

Have you joined our Facebook community? Click here


Give a friend some of your product and do a giveaway for EACH OTHER!

I give you my product, you post and tell your peeps to follow me.

You give me your product and I have my peeps follow you.


Themed Items:

Go to the daggone Dollar Tree and get a bucket of themed stuff. I love doing this around Halloween. Get a Halloween bucket, Halloween plates, Halloween cups, Halloween napkins, some skeletons, some candy…all for a buck. And BAM! You’ve got a cute little holiday themed giveaway.

Niche Items:

Target certain niches.

Teachers: Teachers pay Teachers, school supplies

Nurses: clicky pens, uniform store, coffee gift certificates

Office: pizza coupon, Starbucks

Planners: markers, pens, planners, stickers, journals

Kids: coloring contest, crayons, markers

Campers: camping gear

…get creative and reach a new group of people


Give a coupon for your business. $5 off a $20 purchase. Now they have to spend money to use it. That didn’t cost ya much, now did it?!


Hope this helps to answer the question of…what do you give away for prizes…cause well, I got tired of answering it. LOL!

Love ya much…happy giveaways!

Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocail

February Content and Marketing Ideas

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Here’s your February content ideas, blog post, marketing, and hashtags.

There’s a few aspects you need to think about in your business in each month with all your social media platforms. My job is to make it easy for you. 

Social media platforms

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Personal FB Timeline
  • Pinterest
  • Snap Chat
  • Twitter

All your social media platforms should be bubbling over with Valentine’s Day. So let’s talk about February themes, post ideas, blog post ideas, hashtags and key words…

Post and content ideas for February:

  1. 7 Days of love (do one thing each day before Valentine’s Day)
  2. Valentine’s Day crafts for kids
  3. Ideas for Valentine’s Day cards for school kids
  4. Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women/men, mom/grandma
  5. Cheap date night ideas for Valentine’s Day for kids or adults
  6. Mardi Gras, Lincoln’s Birthday, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day…give a history of the month’s days…
  7. Write a post featuring another direct sales consultant/company that you love and surprise them
  8. Photo contest for “your loves”
  9. Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17th, give some ideas!
  10. February is National Wedding Month, talk about wedding ideas and use those hashtags

February Themes:

  • love
  • date night
  • cookies
  • flowers
  • weddings
  • ground hog day
  • lincoln’s birthday
  • black history month
  • mardi gras
  • olympics
  • fat tuesday
  • super bowl
  • chocolate
  • chinese new year
  • wine
  • american heart month
  • National Wear Red Day
  • girl scout cookies
  • president’s day
  • love
  • kindness
  • teddy bears
  • hearts
  • candy hearts
  • spa day
  • pampering
  • Family Day in Canada
  • friendship
  • taxes
  • self care
  • Galentine’s Day
  • romance
  • love movies
  • date nights
  • Canned Food Month 

You should be joining the conversation and engaging your customer with some great content.

Join the Directly Social Elite Club and get:

  1. February themed graphics to use on all your social media platforms
  2. An entire month of social media posts
  3. and an entire February Facebook Script

Hashtags to use for February:

#love #valentines #valentine #vday #heart #happyvalentinesday #flowers #chocolate #hearts #valentinesgift #bemyvalentine #bemine #pink #roses #shopsmall #gifts #galentinesday #valentinesdaygift #thatsdarling #Valentinesday2019 #friends #bestfriends #groundhhogday2019 #groundhogday #blackhistorymonth #february #kindness #girlscoutcookies #nationalwearredday #mardigras #flowers #fattuesday

Words to include in your February posts:

  • fall in love
  • love
  • lovely
  • valentine
  • cupid
  • flowers
  • red

Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial



Over 600 Quotes for your Social Media Platforms

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You can download a file of over 600 perfectly crafted quotes for your business!

Here’s over 600 quotes to use for all your social media platforms.

Simply copy/paste whatever your mood is.

Schedule these as simple wording or create graphics with them on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

and so…much…more!

I’ve taken all the work out of it for you, for $19.99…you’ll have an arsenal of posts under your belt and never have to worry about searching for the right quotes!

Melissa Fietsam @ DirectlySocial


How to Make a Facebook Business Page Video Banner

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This is the easiest site I’ve seen to make some cool video banners for Facebook Business pages.

I use Animoto for lots of things. But the Facebook Business page banner is one of my favorites.

I’m going to walk you through, step by step, on how to make your own Facebook Video banner.

So grab some popcorn and sit back…here’s your video!

How much does it cost?

It’s fairly inexpensive when you compare video design websites. So many of them are WAY more expensive (with even less options).

But I know what you’re saying…Melissa, that’s still $8 a month.

I’m gonna give you the same story I give all business owners.

Ask yourself a few questions:

Can you do it yourself?

Probably not. Now there’s some freakin’ rock stars out there using iMovie and apps and all kinds of jazz. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning a new platform, you’re going to have to pay for convenience. And there’s no shame in that game people. You can’t be great at EVERYTHING. So you have to pay for what you’re not that great at. #GetOverIt

Will it make you money?

Now, if we’re talking about buying lives on Candy Crush…NO! But creating professional videos can:

  • make you look credible
  • make your customers stop scrolling and LOOK
  • give you an edge over other people in the same business

…then it WILL generate some income and interest

There’s a lot more Animoto can do for you:

  • Instagram videos
  • Product spotlights
  • “About Me” video instead of a photo…way cooler chica.
  • Videos for Facebook
  • Music library to add to your videos

So maybe try it for a month and see for yourself! Sometimes we simply need a little inspiration to jump start some excitement and ignite a fire in our business. If you need that, give it a try.


Melissa Fietsam at Directly Social

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Download your Contacts Today

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When was the last time you backed up the most important asset you own in your business, your contacts?

So many consultants have a little too much faith in their umbrella company sometimes.

Today, I’d like to challenge you to take control of this one BIG DEAL.

Why do you want to download your contacts?

Because you’re smart. Let’s start there.

Because you worked hard for those contacts.

You never know what kind of glitch could wipe out even a portion of your contacts because of some IT department error. If you lose your contacts, it’s not their fault anymore, it’s yours. Cause you were told to back them up! There’s so much data in my company’s back office. If it crashed today, or if my company shut the doors today, this is ONE THING I know I will have. And I can prepare and rebuild instantly.

Can you?

Make a folder

Make a folder for each month. Mine this month is titled January 2019. Clever, I know…

But guess what? I put everything that pertains to January in that folder:

  • scripts
  • special
  • graphics
  • holiday stuff
  • team reports

Now when I go back, I can see every January. I’m not starting from scratch.

Well, an excel file of my current month’s contacts list is now part of that folder. I’ve been saving content for 6 years, but I’ve neglected the most important part of my business, my contacts. So I wanted to make sure you’re on the right track too.

Melissa Fietsam @DierctlySocial

Opportunity Script & Graphics

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Here’s a recruiting event all wrapped up with a nice pretty bow.

Here’s the deal! This training gets you:

  • an entire Facebook opportunity event script
  • all the graphics for the event
  • the Facebook banner for your event
  • and a training video with tips on how to set it up, when to post, and much more!

What’s an opportunity event?

This is an event you hold monthly on Facebook. You have 30 minutes to tell everyone who’s joined, why your team is the BEST place to be. This script is based on Perfectly Posh and a few made up facts, so it can be altered EASILY for any company.

If recruiting and building your team is a goal this year, you need this training!

Birthday Club Graphics & Mini Workshop

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Want to rock your New Year with a Birthday Club?!

I’m gonna hook you up with:

  1. 12 birthday graphics for the whole year.

  2. A training on how to use them.

  3. Example posts and wording.

  4. Tips and Tidbits.

$14.99 gets you the whole package in this mini workshop!

Birthday Clubs can help you:

  • connect with your customers
  • increase engagement
  • increase sales
  • get your product into people’s hands
  • help you reward your loyal customers
  • and help you get new customers

Check it out today!!

Melissa Fietsam at Directly Social



January Facebook Party Script and Graphics

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Here’s your easy button for January

  • Facebook Party Script
  • Facebook party graphics
  • 8 Facebook ready made posts and graphics
  • Training on how to post the script
  • Your printable outline to create your own

Ready to order? Check out a free preview below and purchase your January kit for $24.99!

Preview the training:


Use this for Facebook Parties:

An easy button to use in all your January Facebook parties

Use this for January Facebook posts on your business page:

These are some really great crafted and relevant content marketing for your Facebook page. With this package, you’re purchasing the right to use the content on public pages. So you have a TON of content to share now!



3 Ways to use ISSUU for Digital Catalogs

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I’m going to show you how to use ISSUU to make some digital links worth sharing in 2019.

What is ISSUU?

It’s a website where you can upload any PDF and get a digital link for people to view an animated digital view of the catalog. Go ahead, check it out here. And I made a video to show you exactly how to do this. I also have a YouTube video to show you how to do that quickly!

Here’s 3 ways you can use ISSUU.COM in your business

Company Catalogs

  • If your company products PDFs of the season’s best products, this is where you want to begin. It’s a huge asset to your business. You can:
  • Use your own catalog in your email signature
  • Send in “thank you for your order” replies and order confirmations to customers
  • You can send as a 30 or 60 day follow up
  • You can quickly send to hosts and prospects no matter where you’re at
  • You can share your catalog on all your social media platforms as an engaging post

Recruiting Brochures

Being able to send out your recruiting brochure as a digital link? Oh my heavens. Imagine this…someone asks you for more information about joining your team.

You’re at the grocery store and you can simply copy a link and text it to them.

And BAM! You look like a boss. It’s the next level. You are showing your client or potential recruit that you are:

  • professional
  • prepared
  • and most importantly…easily duplicated.

In their head they’re thinking “Wow…I could totally do that”

Monthly Specials

So you’re having a monthly special and you get to post a boring graphic over and over to tell people, right? Or even more prehistoric…you can pass out flyers.

Or…you could share an issuu LINK and:

  • now they click your LINK to SHOP when you post it on Facebook
  • now they can click the link in your Instagram profile to see and then click link to shop
  • now you can send a link to your customer and prospects in text and messaging that actually links them to YOU

Which would you rather have?


Melissa Fietsam at Directly Social

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